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Don't pick up a Kris Pearson expecting a mild read. These are sizzling stories for adult readers - but you can tell that from the covers and titles.

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NEW -  Annie Seaton's Holiday Collection # 2!

Annie, me and  Carla Caruso - three hot holiday reads, and only 99 cents until December 21st.

                               Holoiday Anthology cover

My contribution to this is 'Surf + Sparks' - plenty of sparks! I'm sure you'll enjoy the first meeting of industrial designer Anna and hunky builder Jason. Sparks fly for sure - and not in a good way. But by the end of the day they might just have kindled something worthwhile. My holiday couple is yelling at me to write a series and make them the first installment. The Wynns of Scarlet Bay may start popping up mid 2015...

                      Surf and Sparks cover - Kris Pearson



'The Wrong Sister'

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Now four novels translated into Spanish. And of course this means an extra website... select the little Spanish flag on the top right. And HERE there's an interview with me on a Spanish blog - happily in English as well.

The most recent translation - Raptada por el Jeque - is now available.

                      Four spanish book covers - Kris Pearson

What am I working on?

Finally... the next of my Sheikhs of Al Sounam novels. Sheikh Akil and Stacy met on the beach at Kalal, and now she's ensconced in the luxurious Lotus suite in his palace, wondering if she can possibly carry out her secret mission and avoid his wandering hands. Maybe not for long...