If you enjoy hot passionate contemporary romances, full of love and laughter, try my books. Happy endings are guaranteed - but my heroes and heroines sometimes have to travel very rocky roads to reach them.

Don't pick up a Kris Pearson expecting a mild read. These are sizzling stories for adult readers - but you can tell that from the covers and titles.

My books are now available for Kindle from Amazon, and for a variety of other e-readers through Smashwords, or direct from the iBookstores, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc.

What's new?

1. My blog. I'm updating it every weekend. Click the link in the bar above to read the posts. I don't know how much you want to know about me or my views on writing and the world, but they're here if you're interested.

2. A new cover for Their Wildest Dreams. (Bottom right)  I originally named this The Bonk Squad. My mistake. It now has a much better title and cover, so if you haven't read it, have some faith in me and give it a go. It's funny and fun, and nothing like my others.

3. My books are being translated into Spanish. The first two are now live on Amazon.com and soon through the stores Smashwords distributes to - the iBookstores, Barnes and Noble, Kobo etc. And of course this means an extra website... try clicking the little Spanish flag on the top right.


4. Chapter headings for easy navigation. E-books aren't the easiest to locate a place in, but all of mine now have a heading as well as a number for each chapter. Fun to try and do without giving the plot away!

5. My first boxed set to save you money. 'Wicked in Wellington' combines The Boat Builder's Bed, Seduction on the Cards, and Resisting Nick - three books for the price of two.

What am I working on now?

The third of My Heartland Heroines - in which you'll find out more about Alfie who appeared briefly in Christmas Holiday Husband. I'm really enjoying writing this. She has just turned the tables totally on Rory (and me!)

Here are the cover models. They'll be ready to meet you (and show more of themselves) in just a few weeks.