With great embarrassment, I announce my Christmas novella, far too late

From dark start to delicious ending, this unusual Christmas tale is romantic and uplifting. Nothing will ever be the same again after Jeff is accused of threatening to murder his wife. Or Evie is bruised one time too many by her abusive boyfriend. Or Santa Claws the cat starts howling under the house.

This delightfully different novella brings eventual happiness for everyone – including added joy for Christian and Fiona who you first met in my novel THE WRONG SISTER. Come and spend a sunny summer Christmas in Wellington, New Zealand. You could even adopt a kitten….

And you can read about why it's so late HERE.



Paperbacks for holiday reading

HARD TO REGRET has gone straight to paperback, and you can order it HERE for $US11.95 plus shipping. THE WRONG SISTER HERE and THE BOAT BUILDER'S BED HERE are a little shorter, so they're $US9.95 each.


 Love romance in exotic settings?

I write sexy stories about couples who fall in love in my beautiful homeland of New Zealand - three green islands deep in the southern Pacific Ocean. This where you'll find the famous All Blacks rugby team, amazing scenery, spectacular deserted beaches, great wines, the best ice-cream in the world, and men and women who live life to the full.

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New Zealand hills.

So green - flying over country like this is enthralling. A great place to escape to.


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