A new look coming for the Wellington books -

Watch the E-stores for covers that look like this: The Sheikhs and Heartlands and Scarlet Bays won't change, but it felt about time the Wellingtons did.

Kris Pearson - HOT FOR YOU cover 


Love romance in exotic settings?

Try some of my stories about couples who fall in love in my beautiful homeland of New Zealand - three green islands deep in the southern Pacific Ocean. This where you'll find the famous All Blacks rugby team, amazing scenery, spectacular deserted beaches, great wines, the best ice-cream in the world, and men and women who live life to the full.

New Zealand hills.


FREE prequel to the Wellington Series - read it all here.

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Now four boxsets to save you money


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Surprise! Tap the vintage envelope to see the sweeter Kerri Peach editions of my books - which are being translated for China! The first two are already on sale there.

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Four novels translated into Spanish

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