If you enjoy hot contemporary romances full of love and laughter, try my books. Happy endings are guaranteed - eventually!

I write sizzling contemporary romance, pure and simple. Well, maybe not that pure! They're sexy stories about couples who fall in love, and into bed along the way, just like real people do.These are stories for adult readers - but you can tell that from the covers and titles. They're sometimes very funny too.

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Taking the world by storm! Well, staggering in under cover of darkness might be more accurate... 

The uploading process is not going as smoothly as I hoped. However, you can now find many of my books in places like

Hugendubel, Thalia, Weltbild, Casa del Libro, Der Club, Fnac, Libris, and Donauland.

It's proving less than easy to get these stores to display the right books with the right covers at the right prices, but if you enjoy shopping at any of them, click the links above, put my name in the search bar, and see how they're going. Uploaded so far - The Boat Builder's Bed, Resisting Nick, Taken by the Sheikh, Out of Bounds, and the Spanish translations of these four. Plus The Wrong Sister - an oldie but a goodie. More will follow soon.

And in Asia - e-Sentral.

Google Play - any day now...



Three  books for the price of two -

     Cover - Heartlands Series, Kris Pearson              Kris Pearson - boxed set,  Wicked  

Good things come in threes - and now they save you money, too. Read the complete Heartlands Series or the first three of my Wicked in Wellington books at a three-for-two price. Click on the covers to find the buy links.



Now four novels translated into Spanish. And of course this means an extra website... select the little Spanish flag on the top right. And HERE there's an interview with me on a Spanish blog - happily in English as well.

The most recent translation - Raptada por el Jeque - is now available.

                      Four spanish book covers - Kris Pearson

What am I working on?

The next of my Sheikhs of Al Sounam novels. Sheikh Akil and Stacy met on the beach at Kalal, and now she's ensconced in the luxurious Lotus suite in his palace, wondering if she can possibly carry out her secret mission and avoid his wandering hands. Maybe not for long... the situation is about to blow sky-high.

Also floating around my brain - the third of my Sheikhs - 'Craved by the Sheikh'. I've found a great cover picture.

And 'Surf + Sparks' - the first of my Wynns of Scarlet Bay series. This debuted in Annie Seaton's 'Surf, Sand and Sizzle' boxed set, but there's a lot more story to follow.