Wellington Series

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Seduction on the Cards

Come for some fun in the South Pacific

When journalist Kerri is assigned to interview a seriously rich anti-gambling crusader, she imagines a grandfatherly tycoon with a comb-over. But hunky Alex Beaufort has plenty of hair - and enough of everything else to make her mouth water.

Irrepressible Kerri decides to find out exactly how much, and a sizzling game of strip-poker soon has them both peeling off their layers of self-protection. Seduction is definitely on the cards - but who's seducing who? And what are the odds? Good enough to take a chance on?

Warning: Contains sexy Frenchman, tropical heat, and enthusiastic outdoor fun and games.

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Seductive and Steamy!
'Seduction on the Cards' is a fast-paced, steamy read that had me totally engrossed from beginning to end. I enjoyed the sprinkling of humor and Alex is simply the sexiest French hero ever. Loved it - can't wait for this author's next book, I'm hooked.'
Five stars on Amazon.
Tracey Alvrez

The Wrong Sister

Hiding their love

A tender, sexy 'second chances' story of family relationships and long-time unrequited love.

Attraction explodes between Fiona and Christian when they met on the day he marries Jan, her beloved sister. The only way Fiona has coped is by hiding on the far side of the world. The only way Christian has coped is by leaving on business whenever she visits her family back home in New Zealand.

After five long, frustrating years Fiona has the heart-wrenching six-week assignment of caring for newly widowed Christian and his tiny daughter. Their mutual love and respect for Jan holds them apart.  Will their lost love ever be given a second chance?

Billionaire Christian would rather spend time with anyone except the tempting woman who reminds him so much of his cherished wife. But Fiona has leave from her cruise-liner job and seems determined to do her family duty. Passion and temptation simmer between them as they get to know each other again. This sensual feel-good romance novel is heart-warming, steamy and bittersweet. How can craving the wrong sister feel so right?

WARNING: Contains one hot man who knows how to get what he wants.

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A lovely comment I found on my Facebook page from reader Phalbe

I have read 81% of The Wrong Sister. I read a while. Quit for a while. Read for a while. They're at the river now. I'm scared to death to reach the end. I couId spend the rest of my life reading it and never get tired of it. No matter how it ends, I'll be bereft when I finish it.

Out of Bounds

Who will save who?

Passionate and funny. Jetta Rivers has inherited half a dilapidated bungalow. Big problem: she's forced to share it with the unknown co-owner, Anton Haviland, and her past has left her terrified of men.

Gorgeous Anton is a confident sexy architect, and he plans to demolish, rebuild, and make a million bucks. Jetta is determined to renovate, remember her Gran, and stay well out of Anton’s reach.

He might be exactly who Jetta needs to put her crippling fear to rest, but can she allow him near enough? And would he even want to try? A midnight disaster leaves her no option when he drags her off to the only bed left in the now-damaged house. Then she finds Gran's old copy of The Joy of Sex. So....

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Also available in Spanish HERE.

'Beautifully done and wonderfully written. Great dialogue and character growth. I highly recommend Out of Bounds for the multi-layered character development, the sexiness of Anton and an old house that was destined to bring two unlikely people together. Bravo Ms. Pearson.
5 Smiles and a recommended read.' (Love, Laughter Friendship Blog.)

Resisting Nick

A man with a shattered soul becomes total temptation for a girl with a marshmallow heart.

Fitness center entrepreneur Nick Sharpe is under siege. His business is going ballistic and his PA has left without giving notice. He’s offered to donate bone marrow to his desperately ill niece and been told he’s not genetically compatible. Not related. Reeling from the shock of finding he was adopted, Nick has no patience left for his new temp, Samantha – however much she attracts him or rubs him up the wrong way.

Sammie Sherbourne’s sure she can cope with her demanding new boss for the next week or two. Finally free to spread her very cramped wings after a long family crisis, she wants a short-term job until her passport arrives so she can follow her travel dreams. But the possibility that she might hold the key to unlock Nick’s true identity eats at her – far more than his money or spectacular body do.

Warning: Contains sexy games in beds, bathrooms, and on balconies.

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Also available in Spanish HERE.

Rocketed up the itunes charts in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.
'Oh my gosh. Love this author. Clever writing, hot sex, interesting plot. Didn't think I could like it as much as The Boat Builder's Bed, but I did.' Five stars on Amazon, Anny Mousse.

Hot for You - games for two

'Hot for You' is a lot of sexy romantic fun. Naughty all the way - like Fifty Shades of Grey.

She’s made him an offer he can’t refuse – or can he? Cody Mitchell has been planning a hot little love affair with his best friend’s widow – the woman he’s wanted for three long years. But he finds Melanie’s acceptance comes with outrageous conditions. She considers him only a stallion with suitable bloodlines to provide her with children.  Cody had a no-strings, no-kids fling in mind, but Mel wants his DNA every bit as much as she wants his desirable body. Who’ll win this battle of the bedroom – the handsome pilot or the feisty airline heiress?

WARNING: Hot pilot, willing widow, very high stakes.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  "Holy heat, Batman!" By Texas  When Kris Pearson promises heat she delivers! This novella will cause your Kindle to smoke. Young widow wants children and she wants them from her late husband's best mate. He wants her body, but not kids. Can she change his mind? Buy this and find out. I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. I have read several of Pearson's Wellington series. They're all good.

The Boat Builder's Bed - more than two million copies downloaded worldwide

English ebook edition only 99 cents - or read free on Kindle Unlimited

Sophie Calhoun can't imagine how she'll pay for the damage to the luxurious car. Already cash-strapped, she's struggling to launch her interior design studio and make a home for her daughter. Out of the sleek black Jaguar storms super-yacht tycoon Rafe Severino. Steaming mad. Totally gorgeous. And in need of a top-line decorator for his spectacular new mansion.

Sophie fears her dream contract comes with strings that tie her to the boat-builder's bed. She knows he doesn't want a preoccupied single mother, but concealing her daughter's existence from the man she's falling in love with is getting harder and harder. If he discovers her lies, she'll instantly lose everything.

Warning: Contains one determined man who knows his way around boats, bodies and bedsheets.


Also available in Spanish HERE

and in Portuguese as A Cama do Construtor de Barcos

Amazon Apple Kobo Nook Scribd, Weltbild, bol.com, buch.de, Thalia.de Google Play   Um apaixonante romance na cidade capital da Nova Zelândia.

Um dia de vento... Um letreiro a voar... Um estrondo terrível. Sophie Calhoun não imagina como vai pagar os estragos causados no luxuoso carro.
Já com problemas de liquidez, está a lutar para lançar o seu novo estúdio de decoração de interiores e dar um lar à sua filha.
Intempestivo, sai do seu elegante Jaguar preto o magnata de iates Rafe Severino, a fumegar de raiva. Um homem bonito, desesperadamente à procura de um decorador de topo para a sua espetacular mansão junto ao porto de abrigo.
Sophie teme que o contrato dos seus sonhos dependa de ela estar disposta a ir para a cama do construtor de barcos. Seja qual for a forma como ela tente escapar, ele está sempre presente - implacável e irresistível.
Sabe que ele não quer uma mãe solteira preocupada, mas é cada vez mais difícil ocultar a existência da sua filha do homem por quem se está a apaixonar. Se ele descobre as suas mentiras, ela perderá tudo num instante.

Aviso: contém um homem de pele dourada determinado, que é um bom conhecedor de barcos, corpos e lençóis.


 Review by: Mandi Sexton on Smashwords. Loved loved loved it!!! I can't say enough good things about it! Perfect length, didn't have any "page fillers" in it. The author kept it to the point, a very sexy, romantic point I must say ;)
Close to four hundred five-star reviews on Amazon - and counting.

Ravishing Rose

One shy girl is about to start living!

Francesca Ellison is swept off to an A-list party in a concealing mask, a decadent costume and sex-shop panties. There she meets the pirate, Captain Cool. Frankie tells him her name is Rose because for once she intends behaving very badly. The Captain outdoes her at every turn.

As sky-rockets scream skyward and guests start to demolish the party venue, Frankie loses her panties and her inhibitions. ‘Rose’ is thoroughly ravished, and the Captain gets more (and less) than he hoped for.

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‘I loved it and even though I know it's just a novella I wanted it to go on longer. I want more! lol. Anyways, great piece. I started reading while at work and couldn't put it down - just had to sneak in. Very difficult if you're working in a hospital.’
Five stars from Jazzielady.

Wellington Series 2

Four sizzling love affairs in New Zealand’s top party city.

Come and play with feisty heroines and gorgeous heroes in a great harborside setting.

The Wrong Sister. Spend some tender sexy time with Fiona and Christian – brother-in-law and sister-in-law who are forced to share a house for six weeks.

Hot for You. Enjoy an erotic affair with airline owner Melanie who has an outrageous offer for her chief pilot, Cody.

Out of Bounds. Share the property that’s been jointly and mysteriously left to architect Anton and his unknown cousin. Her crippling fear of men is only the start of their problems.

Includes Special bonus! Ravishing Rose. Attend an A-list masked party with shy Rose who’s determined to take the chance to misbehave. And finds the ideal pirate for the job.

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First 3 novels - The Wellington Series

A boxed set of three of my popular books at a great saving

These three novels share more than 900 four and five-star reviews on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk

The Boat Builder's Bed - can Sophie juggle Rafe, her new studio and her secret daughter? Or will she crash and burn?

Seduction on the Cards - Kerri has a gambling problem and a man problem. How will she cope with Alexandre, the anti-gambling crusader?

Resisting Nick - a hurting hero and a tender-hearted heroine who can bring his life right - provided he doesn't wreck hers first.


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I read these books as standalones and wrote reviews for them. I felt like I needed to just add my vote on this site as well. I LOVE Ms. Pearson's writing. You get a trip to New Zealand while you get a great love story. Boy gets girl is usually all they have in common. Each story stands on its own merit. Once you read one you will move right on to the next one. She has series books but they are all standalone and they all end happily ever after. No cliffhangers. They are hot as a firecracker so be prepared for that. it fits right in with the story and just like life really is so I have truly enjoyed everyone of her reads. I have 11 and each one encourages me to buy the next one. Truly great reads and I definitely recommend them.

Good entertaining reads - five stars on Amazon.com from Gatorfan