Summer Santa

Strangers to lovers, because he’s irresistible.

In other families she’d be the extrovert – the middle daughter with nothing to lose. But Becca Wynn is serious, solitary, and thinks she’s happy that way. When she accidentally knocks Mack Mackay off his crutches, her ordered life is turned upside down.

Mack is a scientist. He’s sociable, optimistic, and determined to add more fun to Becca’s life. She’s way out of her comfort zone, and her limping, laughing new friend with the ridiculous beard he grew in Antarctica is bulldozing her defenses flat.

Christmas is only days away. Mack has almost no time to persuade quiet Becca her life is meant to be lived noisily and passionately – with him. She’s in for a Christmas lunch she’ll never forget when he breaks out the lilac hair bleach, his father’s velvet robe, and a Santa hat.


Originally part of the Baby it's Hot Outside box-set, and now published separately, and in KU to read free.