South & Sexy 1,2,3

A boxed set of three of my popular books

These three novels share more than 1000 four and five-star reviews on and

The Boat Builder's Bed - can Sophie juggle Rafe, her new studio and her secret daughter? Or will she crash and burn?

Seduction on the Cards - Kerri has a gambling problem and a man problem. How will she cope with Alexandre, the anti-gambling crusader?

Resisting Nick - a hurting hero and a tender-hearted heroine who can bring his life right - provided he doesn't wreck hers first.


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I read these books as standalones and wrote reviews for them. I felt like I needed to just add my vote on this site as well. I LOVE Ms. Pearson's writing. You get a trip to New Zealand while you get a great love story. Boy gets girl is usually all they have in common. Each story stands on its own merit. Once you read one you will move right on to the next one. She has series books but they are all standalone and they all end happily ever after. No cliffhangers. They are hot as a firecracker so be prepared for that. it fits right in with the story and just like life really is so I have truly enjoyed everyone of her reads.

Good entertaining reads - five stars on from Gatorfan