Promise You Plenty

Hi - I’m Kathryn, single mother of three, and desperate to shake my life into a new shape. I’m chancing an evening at the Dolphin Bar on my own. Not quite on the prowl, but maybe…

And there’s a man – over-tall, over-hairy, over-gorgeous. We’re soon having an outrageous chat, and he promises me two orgasms. Never had an offer like that from a stranger! After a couple of red wines I’m being kissed senseless, but our sexy fantasy won’t be happening because, like Cinderella, I have to be home by midnight.

Or is there just enough time?

Then I discover he’s OMG famous, ridiculously rich, and everything I never expected to find. I can’t keep him, though. Can I?

A strangers-to-lovers second chance romance. Scorching hot, no cheating, and a fairytale HEA.