Cozy Mysteries

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Choose the box-set for best value. The books are all set in the seaside village of Drizzle Bay, and there are murders, clues, cats and dogs, plenty of good food, laughs and possible love with no less than two very nice men. (Yes, think Janet Evanovich.)

While it's true that naughty Merry Summerfield can't get men off her mind she's kept plenty busy with murders. The church flower arranger dead... a mysterious leg in an upmarket car... the village hoarder shot through his kitchen window. Visit drowsy Drizzle Bay in book 1. Laugh your way right through, and then dive into books 2 and 3.



3 Merry Summerfield Cozy Mysteries - laugh-out-loud sleuthing in drowsy Drizzle Bay

A delightful trio of murders!

1. Who killed the old church flower arranger? Join Merry Summerfield and Vicar Paul as they unravel Murder in the Aisle. There’s a side of pet-sitting, a secret office, a craft fair with bacon for breakfast, and dear old Lord Drizzle, too.


2. OMG! Who hid a quarter of a cow in the trunk of Merry’s brother’s Mercedes? And what’s with that spooky big X marking the spot on the beach where a man lies dead? Can the quarter-cow and the corpse be connected? Xmas Marks the Spot – but why? Will Merry solve the mystery?


3. Ouch – an arrow in poor old Matthew Boatman’s back plus six hungry cats – not what Merry wants to find when collecting for the Red Cross on a fine spring day. Hoarder Matthew must have treasure a-plenty in his messy cottage because someone is prepared to kill him to get it. Hopefully they won’t kill Merry as well, but things do get very Dead and Disorderly.


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Murder in the Aisle

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Who killed the church flower arranger? 

Hi – I’m freelance editor Merry Summerfield, and it’s another fantastic day in drowsy Drizzle Bay. That’s until Vicar Paul and I find Isobel Crombie lying dead in a sea of flowers in the aisle of Saint Agatha’s church. Who’d kill a harmless old girl like her?

In no time flat I’ve scored a house-and-pet sitting gig – Isobel’s remote seaside cottage and her two darling dogs. It comes complete with hollyhocks and seagulls and a SEAL from California who looks a lot like a younger Jon Bon Jovi. He's certainly cute, but aren’t his questions about Isobel's house a bit – well, suspicious?

Then I find a secret office stuffed with alarming files about car thefts and Black Ops assassins. Maybe Isobel wasn't as harmless as we all thought?

Sleuthing’s more fun than I’ve had in ages, but how safe am I on my own now things are unraveling? Little white Bichons are hopeless attack dogs.


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Reviews from Goodreads readers -

‘Merry is AWESOME! I loved it! A little bit funny and a lot crazy. If you have an evening where you just want to get lost in something lighthearted and fun or you need your mood lifting this is the book for you. It is also available in Kindle Unlimited - so there is little risk, try it I am confident Merry will win you over!’  Book Devil Reviews

‘told from the first person POV and had me cracking up in getting to know about the quirkiness that is Merry. I found myself drawn in to the vast array of characters making up the small town of Drizzle Bay wondering how they potentially fit in to the murder and Merry's efforts to solve it. Murder in the Aisle is such a delightful read and had me guessing throughout! I can't wait for the next one in the series.’ TiffyHoo


Xmas Marks the Spot

 Not what you want to find...

OMG! Who hid a quarter of a cow in the trunk of my brother’s beloved Mercedes? And what’s with that spooky big X marking the spot on the beach where a man lies dead? Can my quarter-cow and the corpse possibly be connected?

Detective Bruce Carver doesn’t think the body is any of my business, but someone’s up to no good amid the twinkling Christmas decorations in drowsy Drizzle Bay.

I’m sure I can help, but maybe I’m too curious for my own good. Who’s going to rescue me now a smelly rustler has roped me up far too close to that big white X? Not my brother and his two goofy spaniels. Not old Margaret and little Pierre the poodle. Not my ex-husband, the unfaithful Duncan Skene. I need a super-resourceful man with … umm…muscles.

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From Susan on Goodreads

Merry is back in X Marks the Spot the second in the Merry Summerfield Cozy mysteries, I cannot believe what Merry gets herself into without even trying. It is a charming lighthearted and very easy to read book which I found hard to put down, gets you guessing right to the end and oh my what an ending, it leaves you wanting and needing more, please bring on book number three I can't wait, will Merry get together with John or Paul or will there be a twist, all you can be sure is she will walk straight into trouble without any effort absolutely brilliant.

Dead and Disorderly

Cats and dogs, diamonds and danger - even more fun, and more romance, too

Hi – I’m Merry Summerfield, law-abiding book editor, pet-minder, and unintentional sleuth. When I find Matthew Boatman’s door swinging open I slink into his dark and cat-infested house to make sure he isn’t sick.

To my horror he’s so sick, he’s dead.

The shiny silver arrow in his back is beautifully tidy compared to half a lifetime’s high-piled hoarding. OMG – the mess! Honestly, who could live like this?

Someone needs to call the cops – and that’s me. Again. Detective Bruce Carver is far from impressed, and doesn’t like my plan to feed all the cats so I can keep an eye on the house being emptied out.

I’m watching my back – no arrows please – and keeping my eyes open and my ears flapping as I dish out the kibble, but old Matthew was a diamond hunter in days gone by. Does he have a million-dollar stash of gems hidden here? And has that put me in danger?

* * * * *

This is the third of the Merry Summerfield cozy mysteries - and the cast from Drizzle Bay appears again - Vicar Paul and his sister, Heather... John Bonnington who may or may not be a Black Ops specialist... his mysterious partner at The Burkville Bar and Cafe, Erik... Detective Bruce Carver and his off-sider Marian Wick... Iona and her cupcakes, Bernie the butcher, and of course Lord and Lady Drizzle. There are new faces, too - come and meet them.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another delightful mystery in Drizzle Bay

Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2020 by Comppaul.

 I enjoyed this next mystery in the Drizzle Bay Cozy Mysteries. This is the third I have read, and it was as delightful as the rest with even more romantic interest in the continuing characters. It is fun to see where the heroine, Merry Summerfield, takes us. How does she keep running across another dead body in this small town? We find out. She meets another of the town's more reclusive inhabitants, and learns more about this victim than she expected. She also gets to care for the cats of the deceased. It is a fun ramble with this friendly lot. I trust you will thoroughly enjoy this book as well. The editing is superb.