Adding to a series

It’s always nice to go back and visit old friends. Or to meet new ones in a familiar location.

I really enjoyed creating the Scarlet Bay books. A chance to marry off three sisters and a cousin. (Well the cousin is engaged, but I’m keeping him waiting for his wedding!)

Summer Santa has now joined Summer Sparks, Summer Secrets, and Summer Spice. You can buy the first three as a box-set so that counts as only one borrow on KU.


Summer Santa introduces you to the third sister - quiet Becca, who’s taken very little part in the other stories. Believe me when I say characters live their own lives. I can’t force them to become something they don’t want to be. Becca didn’t want her life made public until recently, and then she told me why. She’s shy and uncertain about men, but totally confident in her own business abilities. Although she’s from a mega-wealthy family she wants to fight her own battles and take pride in her considerable achievements with no help from anyone else. 

Then she backs out of some shrubbery, music in hear ears cutting her off from the rest of the world, and knocks a man off his crutches. Not a great way to impress anyone!

Quite honestly I think this is the best combination of people I’ve written about. Mack can’t walk without his crutches. He can’t even get up off the ground. He’s at Becca’s mercy in more ways than one, and from this unlikely beginning a great romance develops.

You’ll meet some of the characters from the earlier Scarlet Bay books – Mack’s bossy little Italian stepmother is memorable – and you’ll see how Becca comes out of her shell and Mack loses some of his belligerence and chip-on-his shoulder attitude after being invalided home from Antarctica. All for 99c – and you can find it here -


Summer Santa was written for a recent box-set, so check you haven't already read it. But I think it's definitely worth another read.