A sale on many titles

Hello - hope you're doing well? Maybe it's your mid-summer by now? Mid-winter for me, and a bit dreary weather-wise.

Just in case you're wondering, I thought I'd tell you how Amazon pay their authors. There are two different ways. When readers buy e-books, Amazon sends us a share in royalties sixty days later. For a 99c book, that's 35c. For books $2.99 and over it's 70% of the selling price. 

But a couple of years ago they launched their Kindle Unlimited subscription service, and that's a whole different thing. You pay a monthly fee (currently $9.99 US) and for that you can download ten e-books. If you're a voracious reader, choosing box-sets or anthologies gives you a lot more plot for your money every month. As with many online things, you get a month's free trial.

In this case Amazon pays us by the number of pages read. (Yes, their software really does tell them that.) The rate can change by the month, and it's not as profitable as selling the book outright, but for many of us it's become our major earner because readers like it so much and are reading more as a result.

Here are the major counties where I sold books in the first half of June. The mysterious 'other' will mostly be a mix of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

I'm pretty amazed to see my UK sales are just over half of my US ones this month. Think about the population difference! But my dad and my husband were both born in England, so maybe my writing voice just appeals more to UK readers? (I feel it's thoroughly Kiwi myself, but what do I know?) Some months the US sales go higher. It's always fun to watch the fluctuations and try to work out why.

And here's where my actual royalties for June are coming from. Amazon has SO many pretty diagrams we can check on, and this shows me 80% currently comes from the KU page-reads.

This got me thinking. If 80% of my 'wages' are coming from page-reads, I should drop the prices of the ebooks to give those readers a bonus, too. It's only 20% of my sales, after all.

SO - all box-sets of three novels are now down to $5.99



Single novels are now down from $3.99 to $2.99, with these 'first in series' currently down to 99c. Only my Sheikhs are excluded.


The first Kristie Klewes cozy mystery is 99c, and 2 and 3 are down to $2.99.
All my Kerri Peach sweeter editions are down to $2.99   
All novellas are 99c because we can't sell below this price on Amazon.


 I hope you find something of mine to enjoy - at a saving!