A Team of Twelve

Writing can be a solitary job, although there’s a lot of emailing behind the scenes, and until Covid-19 hit the world, some great conferences to attend. (“So that’s what she looks like – I thought she’d be much older. And do you reckon she sounds South African?” Goodness, we talk…)

One of the best ways to enjoy some authorly company in the current climate is to work as a team, and a box-set project is a great way to do it.

First, there’s the fun of planning. Then inviting suitable authors to take part, and settling on a theme so we produce a cohesive reading experience for you. There’s no point in having a couple of sweet boy-and-girl-next-door stories followed by a bear shifter, a multi-partner affair on a spaceship with pink aliens, and a coming-of-age story mixed in with several super-hot romances bordering on erotica. No – you know what you like, and you’d like lots of the same please. And why would we risk bad reviews by giving you a mixed bag of what you don’t want?

USA Today best-selling author Bronwen Evans is a long-time friend of mine. I was thrilled to be invited to join her and eleven other top Australian and New Zealand romance specialists to produce a 12-novella steamy box-set to launch later this year. Yay – plenty of time to do a really good job. And with Bron at the helm I knew it would be organised superbly.

Here’s the team she pulled together for the box-set. You’ll know some of us already, but it’s likely you’ll find some authors that are new to you – always a bonus.

Twelve down-under authors

We’ve gone with the title BABY IT’S HOT OUTSIDE, and we’re sharing a dozen down-under Christmases. Instead of snow and holly you’ll find beaches and barbecues, and romance-romance-romance a dozen times over.

My novella is titled SUMMER SANTA, and it takes you back to Scarlet Bay where I set SUMMER SPARKS, SUMMER SECRETS, AND SUMMER SPICE. We have Cam’s flirty brother, Mack, working in Antarctica but just invalided home. We have Anna and Jossy’s awkward sister, Becca, busy with her solitary landscaping projects and with no idea she’s about to knock Mack off his feet. Worse than that, off his crutches!

(I spent some time on crutches last year after knee surgery so that’s where Mack’s crutches came from.)

                         Baby it's Hot Outside box-set - Kris Pearson

 We had fun deciding on a cover shot. Is the bikini too cheeky? No – they’re steamy stories, after all.

And now it’s on pre-order world-wide. Twelve novellas for only 99 cents, but once it launches later in the year the price will rise to $4.99 so it would be good to grab yours now. This link will take you to wherever you usually order your ebooks.


Tap it and grab yourself a pre-Christmas bargain. Or just tap the cover.