A treat on a nasty day

Because it’s mid-winter here in Wellington, New Zealand, today is cold. And wet. Unlike lots of my readers who are telling me how hot they are, we’re loading on the winter woollies to stay warm.

Two thirds of our day was taken up with a big curtain installation job with ‘interesting’ access.

When we got there we found a gang of men with a pneumatic drill right outside the big windows. They were breaking up a concrete patio and the noise was horrendous. I felt sorry for them because they had to carry all the rubble out to their truck in buckets. And I felt pretty sorry for us as well because it was NOISY. Lovely view out over the harbour though. Big ferries, small ferries, two log ships waiting for berths, and barely a ripple anywhere.

It was wonderful to come home for lunch – at almost 3 o’clock! And even better when I had an email from the Apple Store’s merchandising manager which included this for me. Perked me right up, and now I have the fun of watching Summer Sparks climb their free book charts.


I knew the promotion was scheduled for the next few days so I’ve done my best to make Summer Sparks free for a short while on all the other ebook stores where you might want to buy it. And of course July is Smashwords Sale month so it’s free there and you can upload it in a variety of formats if you miss out elsewhere.

And now I’m back to finishing off my second cozy mystery. Murder in the Aisle is pottering along quite nicely. I’ve put it on Kindle Unlimited to see if more people read it through the subscription service than buy it outright. Yes, they do! Therefore I’ve put Xmas Marks the Spot on for pre-order there too.  I’ve almost finished it, but it’s nerve-wracking knowing it’s not quite finished yet. So close though, so I think we’ll be OK.

My ever-industrious husband is refurbishing the upstairs en suite bathroom. It’s right above my head, and the noise one man and a ladder can make is almost on a par with three men and a pneumatic drill. Somewhere along the way he found time to make me some little author cards for the cozies so I’m having fun giving those away and watching people’s eyebrows rise. Yep – I’m not just a sensibly-dressed lady up a ladder. Sometimes I’m a glam chick who has fun in the publishing world. Although in this weather, maybe not so glam! Hope you enjoy the books.