Famous for five minutes

Hello – I haven’t blogged for ages – sorry about that, but life’s busy. I’m writing (of course!) I’m changing direction to cozy mysteries for some fun. One book finished, one halfway there. I’ll put the first up for pre-order on Amazon soon but there’s no point publishing it until I have the second one completed. Lots of cats and dogs and food and murder, and a couple of hunky men for my heroine to hanker after.

                             Kris Pearson, cozy mystery author pic

The biggest thing that’s happened lately is an interview in a primetime slot on national TV here in New Zealand. Right after the main News bulletin. One of our writers is a PR specialist. She plainly made us sound very interesting because next thing we know we’re booked to have visitors at our local meeting.  This five minute item took about three hours to shoot (!!!!!) but we all had great fun and then shook in our shoes for a couple of weeks until it was shown.

Too much mushy padding out with soppy music and nonsense hand-holding shots of course, because the media never take romance seriously as the powerhouse it really is, but I thought you might enjoy to see what we got up to. Nice comments from my friends Tracey Alvarez and Gudrun Freriches, and a hum-dinger of a question pretty neatly deflected by me, I thought! I can’t guarantee the link will be viable forever, so have a look soon if you’d like to. It takes a few seconds to kick in.


As well as writing, we’ve been moving walls, and painting and re-carpeting and wallpapering here at home. I’ll share a piece of our entrance hall with you – outrageous paper chosen by my husband. I laugh every time I see it. We may not have it forever, but right now it’s a very cheerful welcome home. Lifesize birds and butterflies in a lot of bright colors that set off the glass pieces and fight with the paintings.