What Kristen Lamb said, and what I did about it

If you’re interested in writing and social media, you’ll know about Kristen Lamb – Author, Blogger and Social Media Jedi, in her own words. Indeed, according to her Amazon page she’s ‘the author of the top resource for author branding in the digital age’.


Fourteen months ago, Kristen was a special guest speaker at the Romance Writers of New Zealand annual conference in Rotorua. This is the tourist city in the centre of our North Island – an explosive place where the earth’s crust is very thin, and mud-pools plop and bubble, steam roars out of vents, and boiling water shoots into the air to alarming heights. If you visit, stick to the signposted paths!

Kristen spent all of Friday encouraging us to blog very frequently – three times a week was the magic number she’d settled on – and to make ourselves sound like real people. We could report a baking disaster (and follow it up with a little mention of our latest book.) We could talk about a family situation (and follow it up with a little mention of our latest book.) You see where I’m going with this?

She was a noisy, confident, engaging speaker, and plainly if she was a Social Media Jedi she knew more than me and I’d better give it a go. Oh sigh…

So – pieces of the garden, with photos. Painting our 104-year-old house over the summer, with photos. How my author card helped a friend of my sister make contact when my sister wasn’t well and hadn’t told me – no photos! I did my best. I really did. I never managed three blogs a week, but I gritted my teeth and managed one with great regularity.

Did it help? Did it make me a more human author and therefore make my books irresistible to you? Sadly, I have to say no, so I stopped. There was just too much else to do, and honestly I’d rather be writing the books than trying to convince you I’m an interesting and likeable human being.

However, here’s a bit of news: one of the assorted things I’ve been up to lately was writing a special Christmas novella for a box-set which will launch November 1st. The cover is absolutely gorgeous – designed by Charmaine Ross – and here’s the link to it at Goodreads so you can read more. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42260040-romancing-the-holidays-3

Ten of us contributed, and although that’s a snowy cover you’ll find my novella is called KIWI SUMMER CHRISTMAS because that’s what we have in New Zealand. The Advance Reader Copies have just gone out and we’re all set for the launch. Watch this space!