Time Flying

Do you ever get everything done? My husband and I were talking this morning about prioritising stuff…. As in not trying to do too much at the same time and getting distracted. He’s a four-jobs-at-once person, and twice in a row now he’s forgotten to put sugar in our coffee because he was also trying to do other things. Today it was wash out some paintbrushes, phone the hospital the check on his mother (she broke her hip last week) and check on sandpaper supplies while he set the coffee going.

I’m a ‘make a list, do it in order’ person. And cross it off once it’s done. I love to see all those things being obliterated. Things like ‘pick beans, plant pansies, reply to Shirley, find good disease for Meifeng’s mother, check on Chinese translations, get Portuguese cover designed, send message re local writers’ workshop at library, paint dining room top windows, do Friday’s accounts, varnish nails.’

It’s autumn/fall here in Wellington. It’s been an amazingly hot, record-breaking summer so the flowers are all giving up a little early. Even a few leaves are drifting down. (‘Rake leaves, buy polyanthus, spread compost, plan love scene’). So on top of extra gardening tasks we’ve had the chance to get a lot of paint onto our 104 year-old-timber house. ‘Buy hinges, buy filler, choose back door colour, mow lawns.’

Kris Pearson - garden plants

Nevertheless, over Christmas, I got tempted. I love writing contemporary romance, and I was happily part-way through my third Scarlet Bay story about Oliver and Mei. I’m enjoying them. ‘Check fish varieties, motor cycle helmets, commercial kitchen rules.’

And then… my friend Diana Fraser suggested we try our hand at writing cozy mysteries – a body in the first chapter, very little blood, and lots of sleuthing and red herrings for our lead characters.

              Kris Pearson and Diana Fraser

This is real fun. What began as a proposed joint venture has spiralled off in two quite different directions. ‘Search cover illustrations, research café bylaws, check Florida retirement info’. Suddenly I had 20,000 words. Outrageous titles kept running through my brain. I’ve had to put the brakes on really firmly and get back to writing HARD TO HANDLE, which is Scarlet Bay number 3.

But sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future you’ll see some cheerful covers with my lady sleuth and hilarious dogs. I think I’ll publish them under my own name, even though they’ll be different to my current books. Or should I be Daisy Duncan or Hermione Wrench? Oh the choices, and the jobs still to do. I won’t finish them if I live to be a hundred – and at this rate I’ll have to!