Love from Basil

We grow great basil. It always sits on my husband’s workshop window sill because it really likes it there. Year after year we can hardly keep up with it. Salads, pasta, pizza – yum.

This year it’s outdoing itself - practically escaping through the glass - so I said to him I’d put a photo on my Facebook page for fun.

“Did you get it?” he asked a little later.


“The basil photo I sent you.”

“No. When did you send it?”

“About an hour ago.”

“No sign of it.”

(Puzzled) “Oh, it must be there by now. Ummm….! ”


(Cautious) “Are you Kriswrites?”

“No. Where did you get that from?”

Kriswrites is Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s excellent blog. (You should check it out.) Plainly I‘d sent him a link to it at some stage and it had put itself into his address book. Right about now she may be rather puzzled as to why she’s received a photo of a basil plant from an unknown admirer in New Zealand. I’m hoping he didn’t put an affectionate comment with it.

My author’s brain is busy turning this into a story. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do – send an email to an inappropriate person because you're busy and clicked the wrong name from a list of similar ones your computer showed you. It has led to assorted interesting plots I’ve read, but now I’d really like to play with the idea myself. Basil. Faulty!