The thrill of writing the start

Yes, it felt good to launch a new novel - in my case HARD TO RESIST on October 31st. But writing the beginning of number three in the Scarlet Bay series to give you a taste in the backmatter gave me an even bigger kick.

HARD TO HANDLE is on its way. Already I’m getting to know Oliver and Meifeng. Remember her? The Chinese girl who played the bongos and erhu at Jason’s music nights, and at Anna’s wedding? Now she needs a one-man covert protection squad, and Anna’s cousin is just the man for the job – even though he thought he’d come to Scarlet Bay to unpack furniture for the new family beach house.


There’s nothing like a damsel in distress to bring out the caveman ‘protecting my woman’ instincts. Mei really doesn’t want to be protected, but Oliver Wynn is determined she’ll come to no harm on his watch.

Because this is part of a series, it won’t only be Mei and Ollie’s story. Anna and Jason’s first child will be born.

Jossy and Cam’s beautiful new wedding venue will be completed. But will they be the first wedding there, or will someone else sneak in ahead of them? And if so, who? I do know the answer to that but I’m not telling.

I’m enjoying the research – everything from aeronautical engineering to the length of time flight attendants are away from home. The ladies of my Soroptimist International service club helped with that. They’re great travellers and keep dropping extra facts in my lap. I’ve a reader friend in Australia who’s been really helpful with motor cycle data – she’s even sent me pictures of bikes ideal for Ollie.

The cover has already been prepared by Robin of Go Book Cover Design. I do like to have ‘my’ people sorted out so I can think of them as I write. Here they are. What does Ollie’s tattoo say? Why did he get it? Does Meifeng love it or disapprove of it?

This time there’s a view of the beach at Mount Maungaui on the cover. A beach with a mountain??? Yep – it’s called Mauao. You can see it at

I’ll put HARD TO HANDLE up for pre-order as soon as I have the blurb settled. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy HARD TO RESIST.