The first reviews are in

Launching a new book is ridiculously exciting – and scary. This is HARD TO RESIST - the second in my Scarlet Bay series.  These sexy New Zealand beach reads take you for summery love affairs with members of the wealthy Wynn family.


HARD TO REGRET  is Anna Wynn’s story. Buttoned-up Anna has been hiding a secret for half her life and it finally explodes wide open.

HARD TO RESIST is Jossy Wynn’s story. Smart lawyer-about-town Jossy has been punishing herself for a youthful mistake, and it takes gorgeous Cameron Mackay to break her wide open and get her life back on track again.


No lawyer should ever be this close to her opposing client…

I’ve just discovered the first two ARC reviews on Goodreads. Five stars, both of them. May there be many more.

Writing a true series is a challenge. The continuity can be a nightmare, and I made things harder on myself by setting one story over the top of the other so the interweaving of time became really important. And difficult. The second book took far too long to write, but suddenly I got going full speed and found book three blowing my brain apart as well. HARD TO HANDLE will turn up after Christmas. I already have the cover, but let’s concentrate on launching HARD TO RESIST for now. On pre-order for October 31st at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Smashwords, and soon on Google Play.

Only $2.99 US for months of work!