My Spanish translator defies the police

Yesterday I sent a message to the lady who translated four of my books into Spanish. Was she OK after the terrible riots I’d seen on TV? I’d hoped she wasn't at home in her beloved Barcelona but maybe in Brussels where she often works as a translator at the European Union Headquarters. No such luck – here’s what she replied.

“In fact I was not away from all that, I was protecting the ballot station for two days, just to avoid what happened to other ballot stations and to stop the criminal Spanish Police from stealing our ballot boxes. Well, we succeeded in it. I am now very tired, but happy.

We hope the civilised countries and the EU and the international community will impose sanctions to Spain for its unthinkable and unforgivable behavior. The Spanish premier is such a liar and a criminal, that yesterday at the evening news he said to the whole nation that the Police had done what it had to be done, and that their action was measured and civilised. I wanted to throw up. Having seen older people beaten, hit, wounded, bleeding, hurt... more than 800 wounded, some of them with serious injuries... having seen the ferocity of those animals against peaceful people... I still feel sick and want to cry.”

It’s incredible, isn’t it, to think that a city where Gaudi’s beautiful Sagrada Familia cathedral reigns supreme, savage riots lurk just below the surface. Catalonia has long wanted independence from the rest of Spain. The rest of Spain does not want to grant it because although Catalonia is only 6% of their land area it produces 20% of the economic output, 25% of the country’s exports and half of the new startup investments. It’s a prize they’re keen to hang on to, but surely not at the cost of beating their own people up?

My translator concluded: “I hope the whole world knows now the real face of this country that we so fiercely want to leave, we defied them with carnations to vote for our independence, and 90% said YES. And that's why we want to leave. We are not like them and we will never, ever be.”

By total chance, Amazon has just launched a special promotion which includes the four books she translated into Spanish for me. If you’re reading this in English then you’ve possibly read the originals. Go HERE for a look if you’re interested. She took care of the website translation too, although it was pretty terrifying trying to get everything in the right place. I bet you'll have no problem translating these titles...