Another episode of 'Sniffing Her Out'

Come home with Adam and Atarangi

The words seemed invested with special significance. Did he mean his home, or that it could be hers as well, one day? Atarangi spun around slowly, taking in all the luxurious furnishings, the big leather sofas, the wonderful works of art. The windows on the far wall stretched from floor to ceiling—a huge expanse of glass that framed the most beautiful view she'd ever seen. She slipped off her high sandals and swung them from a finger as she walked across to admire it. The foreground was filled with the private land they'd just driven through—lush and dark, with the moonlight painting the edges of the foliage with silver. And out beyond that lay the amazing lake. An expanse of black for the most part, but with a broad trail of sparkles reaching right across from the lights of Taupo township and the moon over Mount Tauhara.

“Is the house on stilts?” she asked. “This is incredible, being able to see right out over the treetops.”

He came to join her, resting his hands on the curves of her hips. “No—on a natural rise in the land. It falls away quite steeply just below us.” He nuzzled into her hair, taking big deep breaths. 

“I can see why you chose to build here,” Atarangi said, knowing her voice wasn’t quite steady. Adam said no more, simply lowered his head to the junction of her neck and shoulder, and nipped her there. Shivers raced up and down her spine.  She reached around and gathered up her hair to give him access to more of her skin.

He let loose a deep rumble, and wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, pulling her back against him. And demonstrating how very turned on he was.

She wiggled her bottom so his prodding cock practically buried itself between her butt-cheeks. One layer of dress and very flimsy red bikini panties were all that held them apart. She hoped he’d take her dress off and discover how pretty the panties were. And, indeed, how inadequate the matching bra was. She’d been worried all evening that she might spill out and disgrace herself at dinner, but somehow it had managed to do its job.

He kissed her neck again, then swung her up into his arms.

Atarangi’s fingers lost all their strength. Her sandals clattered onto the hardwood floor beside the long-piled rug. He stood tall and strong, holding her without apparent strain, searching for her mouth with his. Their lips melded together in a passionate kiss, and she heard not just his noises of appreciation but her own groans of pleasure and encouragement too.

God! He was turning her into an animal even without his promised bite. She was hot all over. The roots of her hair felt on fire. The clamouring tremors that had set up between her thighs definitely demanded his attention—and soon.

He kissed her deeply, plunging his tongue into her mouth and swirling it around for the best taste of her. Atarangi pushed her tongue against his, swiping and twisting against his slippery flesh until she was desperate for air and had to break away to breathe.

Adam took this as an invitation to nuzzle her dress aside and bury his face between her breasts. Another deep sniff. Another lick, and then a groaning dive toward her nearest nipple. His teeth latched around it and Atarangi felt how long and hard it had grown from anticipating making love with him. He sucked hard. Surely it had now burst out over the top of her half-cup bra? His mouth was so hot, so insistent, that she gave an animal growl of her own and grabbed his head to hold it there. Had anything ever felt so good?

Then he paced slowly across the room toward the back wall. He held her firmly, leaving her in no doubt of his intentions. As he walked, he raised his head and looked deep into her eyes. “Yes?” he asked.

“Yes please. I want you so much.” She wondered whether to beg him to do her straight away and leave the fancy stuff for later, but he growled deep and long as he manoeuvred her through the doorway to his bedroom, and touched a switch that brought the bedside lamps to life. “There’s a lot of me,” he muttered. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

Ah—maybe some fancy stuff would be nice to ease the way…

“I’ve seen you,” she assured him. “You’re scary-big, but that just makes me want you more.” Already those tremors between her thighs had set up a tap-dance of excitement, throbbing and twitching, as though she wanted to suck him in the moment he was in position.

He kissed her again, pulling her so tightly against him she expected her dress would burst more buttons and her breasts pop right out to meet him. His tongue pushed between her lips, invading forcefully, and the low vibration in his throat assured her he was a man on a mission, fired up to fever point and not to be dissuaded.


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