3 Merry Summerfield Cozy Mysteries - laugh-out-loud sleuthing in drowsy Drizzle Bay

A delightful trio of murders!

1. Who killed the old church flower arranger? Join Merry Summerfield and Vicar Paul as they unravel Murder in the Aisle. There’s a side of pet-sitting, a secret office, a craft fair with bacon for breakfast, and dear old Lord Drizzle, too.


2. OMG! Who hid a quarter of a cow in the trunk of Merry’s brother’s Mercedes? And what’s with that spooky big X marking the spot on the beach where a man lies dead? Can the quarter-cow and the corpse be connected? Xmas Marks the Spot – but why? Will Merry solve the mystery?


3. Ouch – an arrow in poor old Matthew Boatman’s back plus six hungry cats – not what Merry wants to find when collecting for the Red Cross on a fine spring day. Hoarder Matthew must have treasure a-plenty in his messy cottage because someone is prepared to kill him to get it. Hopefully they won’t kill Merry as well, but things do get very Dead and Disorderly.


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