Ravishing Rose

One shy girl is about to start living!

Francesca Ellison is swept off to an A-list party in a concealing mask, a decadent costume and sex-shop panties. There she meets the pirate, Captain Cool. Frankie tells him her name is Rose because for once she intends behaving very badly. The Captain outdoes her at every turn.

As sky-rockets scream skyward and guests start to demolish the party venue, Frankie loses her panties and her inhibitions. ‘Rose’ is thoroughly ravished, and the Captain gets more (and less) than he hoped for.

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‘I loved it and even though I know it's just a novella I wanted it to go on longer. I want more! lol. Anyways, great piece. I started reading while at work and couldn't put it down - just had to sneak in. Very difficult if you're working in a hospital.’
Five stars from Jazzielady.


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Francesca scowled at her very Kiwi socks. All the rest of her reflection looked fantastic.

The long coal-black curls of her wig flowed out from under the exotic helmet with its feathery crest and half-face mask. The tightly laced violet velvet bodice’s plunging neckline revealed her breasts practically down to the nipples, and the gauzy lace encrusted skirt with layers and layers of crushed shot-gold petals brushed the floor behind her but showed plenty of thigh in front.

She was a creature from Venice’s famous Carnevale—apart from the socks.

How she yearned to see Venice!

“Come and show me how you look, darling,” Bella croaked from the huge master bedroom next door. Frankie’s sister-in-law languished in bed with her phone and a heap of glossy magazines, coughing and complaining, and about to miss the party of the century if you could believe her.

As she twirled for Bella’s inspection, Frankie caught sight of herself in the massive mirror. A wash of secret delight shimmered through her. It was so not Francesca Ellison staring back from the sequined-edged openings of the mask. This woman needed sooty eye-shadow, lashings of mascara, outrageous panties...

“And my boots, too,” Bella demanded. “I want to see the total look.”

“Back in a mo,” Frankie sighed as she padded away again.

She sat on the window seat in her room and wrestled with the burgundy suede above-the-knee boots—brand new and still wrapped in crackling tissue paper inside their long box. Italian boots, which had no doubt cost a small fortune. They were a size too large for her, hence the thick wool tramping socks to take up the slack.

Once she’d zipped them up she stood inches taller but acceptably comfortable. She returned to show Bella and struck a pose, head high, breasts thrust out, hands on hips.

She felt fantastic. Not at all like the Frankie she assumed everyone else saw. The dutiful daughter, her mother’s caregiver, the good little girl who obliged and obliged and always put herself last.

No, she’d now become a confident adventurer, itching to leave New Zealand and explore the rest of the world. Finally free to live out her fantasies and desires.

She sneaked another admiring glance at herself in Bella’s mirror. Slathering on the dramatic eye makeup would be easy enough. But the party panties? Did she dare wear that tiny thong? The one she’d unwrapped in front of everyone at the Christmas work party and then couldn’t hide? Secret Santa had been shopping at the sex store—the pretty scrap was dark chocolate brown, imbued with chocolate flavoring according to the label, and had a diamante edged cutout on the front panel.

Frankie had been swamped with embarrassment, as the anonymous purchaser had no doubt intended. She’d tried on the wisp of stretchy lace at home later that evening, blushed all over again, and then buried it deep beneath the rest of her underwear. There’d been no-one special to wear it for, and her fragile mother hadn’t needed a fright like that lurking amongst the laundry. But maybe tonight?


Mike Ellison checked his Rolex as he bounded down the staircase. “Ready Sis?” he called.

Frankie rose from her seat in the hall alcove, tall, imperious, and spectacular.  “More than ready.”

Mike’s eyes widened. “You’ll do,” he said. “You’ll definitely do. “Poor old Bella, missing out on wearing that.”

“Yes, it’s a gorgeous costume, and she even insisted I had her new boots.” She did a quick twirl to show her brother the full effect, and then tipped her head on one side and checked out his tuxedo and swirling cape in return. “You look exotic too.”

 Mike grinned, and she gasped at his suddenly revealed vampire teeth. “Don’t they feel strange? Sharp?”

“Bearable. I’ll probably take them out after a while. And lose the mask,” he added, producing a diamond patterned silver one from his pocket.

“I thought we were all supposed to be anonymous?”

“Frankie, I paid a couple of thousand bucks each for these tickets. I want everyone in Wellington to know I’m there.”

“Showing off your money?”

“Supporting an excellent cause.”

“And showing off your money,” she repeated, enjoying the confidence the costume gave her. Twelve years older than her, he’d been a somewhat distant figure for the last decade, rocketing up the business ladder in London while she’d been a teenager back home at the end of the world.

“Letting them see I’m worth a dollar or two,” he agreed, tucking the mask away and tossing the car keys up and catching them again before he ushered her out.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How the book happened

Ah - naughty Rose! She was fun to write. She started life as something completely different, but American agent Nalini Akolekar from the SpencerHill Literary Agency told me I should divide off the first twelve thousand words of my current story, write it a new ending, and release it as an erotic novella.

What!? Not what I had in mind at all, but after a bit of thought I could see she was right. I was able to tell her the outcome eventually because she was a special guest at our Romance Writers' Conference in New Zealand.

So where did Rose come from? She was inspired by an amazing costume from the World of WearableArts (WOW) Show here in Wellington. WOW is the most startling spectacle. We get entries from all over the world these days, and as long as it can be displayed on a human body, anything goes. The 'Bizarre Bra' class is always very popular! 

Then I found the chocolate panties in a magazine, and my brain switched into overdrive. Rose and Captain Cool started to misbehave bigtime, and there was no holding them back.

The demolition party was for real. Years ago we had friends who were moving out of their very old rented property so demolition could begin the following week. They had a big party on Saturday night, and seeing the building was coming down, the party guests made an early start. It probably helped that we all worked in television, and were no doubt well fuelled by drink.... So we ripped and tore and smashed and bashed, and it was memorable.


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