First 3 novels - The Wellington Series

A boxed set of three of my popular books at a great saving

These three novels share more than 900 four and five-star reviews on and

The Boat Builder's Bed - can Sophie juggle Rafe, her new studio and her secret daughter? Or will she crash and burn?

Seduction on the Cards - Kerri has a gambling problem and a man problem. How will she cope with Alexandre, the anti-gambling crusader?

Resisting Nick - a hurting hero and a tender-hearted heroine who can bring his life right - provided he doesn't wreck hers first.



           Kris Pearson- Seduction on the Cards           Kris Pearson - Resisting Nick

On the cover of the boxed set - an aerial view of Oriental Bay in Wellington. This is our central-city beach which is ever popular for running and walking, as well as summer water sports.