Cozy Mysteries

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Do you love cozies? I'm having fun with these, and the first is now for sale on Amazon. If you're a Kindle Unlimited member you can read it free. They take place in the seaside resort of Drizzle Bay, and there are murders, clues, cats and dogs, plenty of good food, laughs and possible love with no less than two very nice men. (Yes, think Janet Evanovich.)

Merry Summerfield is a freelance book editor who takes on temporary pet-sitting gigs to give her some time away from her much-loved but boring brother, Graham. And she simply seems to walk into trouble everywhere she goes.

She was interviewed by fellow sleuth Anastasia Pollock here -


Murder in the Aisle

Only on Amazon for now, so you can read it FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Hi – I’m freelance editor Merry Summerfield, and it’s another fantastic day in drowsy Drizzle Bay. That’s until Vicar Paul and I find Isobel Crombie lying dead in a sea of flowers in the aisle of Saint Agatha’s church. Who’d kill a harmless old girl like her?

In no time flat I’ve scored a house-and-pet sitting gig – Isobel’s remote seaside cottage and her two darling dogs. It comes complete with hollyhocks and seagulls and a SEAL from California who looks a lot like a younger Jon Bon Jovi. He's certainly cute, but aren’t his questions about Isobel's house a bit – well, suspicious?

Then I find a secret office stuffed with alarming files about car thefts and Black Ops assassins. Maybe Isobel wasn't as harmless as we all thought?

Sleuthing’s more fun than I’ve had in ages, but how safe am I on my own now things are unraveling? Little white Bichons are hopeless attack dogs.


Merry was interviewed by famous fellow sleuth Anastasia Pollack -

Reviews from Gooodreads readers -

‘Merry is AWESOME! I loved it! A little bit funny and a lot crazy. If you have an evening where you just want to get lost in something lighthearted and fun or you need your mood lifting this is the book for you. It is also available in Kindle Unlimited - so there is little risk, try it I am confident Merry will win you over!’  Book Devil Reviews

‘told from the first person POV and had me cracking up in getting to know about the quirkiness that is Merry. I found myself drawn in to the vast array of characters making up the small town of Drizzle Bay wondering how they potentially fit in to the murder and Merry's efforts to solve it. Murder in the Aisle is such a delightful read and had me guessing throughout! I can't wait for the next one in the series.’ TiffyHoo

‘I really enjoyed reading this book as it's not a genre that I normally read but it was well written and kept me guessing to the end.’ Julie