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Vom Scheich entführt

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Laurels ruhiges Leben als Kindermädchen gerät aus den Fugen, als sie entführt wird. Sie fürchtet sich vor dem herrschsüchtigen, narbenübersäten Scheich, der sie in der Wüste gefangen hält, auch wenn er sie vor einem schlimmeren Schicksal bewahren konnte.

Sie ahnt nicht, dass Scheich Rafiq in dem turbulenten Königreich im Nahen Osten undercover gegen gefährliche Terroristen vorgeht und dass ihre Bilder weltweit über den Fernsehbildschirm flimmern. Doch sie ist die falsche Geisel am falschen Ort zu einer ziemlich falschen Zeit.

Nach einem weiteren Fluchtversuch fesselt Rafiq sie an sein Bett und ist gewillt, ihr alles über Gehorsam und die damit verbundenen Konsequenzen beizubringen.

Sie entstammen unterschiedlichen Kulturen - er ist besessen nach Sicherheit - sie entwickelt eine wachsende Faszination für die Traditionen des rücksichtslosen und vernarbten Wüstenkriegers - zusammen erleben sie Missverständnisse, aber auch Momente verzweifelter Leidenschaft. Zwei Menschen, die nur sich selbst haben, bekommen eine Chance auf Glück. Aber ist das für die einsame Laurel und ihren hinreißenden, betörenden Mann genug?

Warnung: Enthält einen glühend heißen Scheich mit einer verruchten Zunge und unbegrenzter Ausdauer.


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Taken by the Sheikh

Come away somewhere exotic!

'I want this girl. I want her willing. I’d kill the others to stop them sharing her and then discarding her in the desert. I’ll teach this little blonde foreigner everything about obedience and the rewards that follow.'

Laurel de Courcey is the wrong hostage in the wrong place at just the right terrifying time. This desperate hot adventure in the desert has Sheikh Rafiq working undercover against dangerous terrorists in a turbulent Middle Eastern kingdom. His prize is the innocent nanny, Laurel, but how long can she stay that way with a powerful man like the Sheikh?

Laurel has been captured, chained up in a disgusting bunker, and videoed for a ransom demand which is shown worldwide. She didn’t have much of a life before. Now she has even less.
Rescued by Sheikh Rafiq, she’s soon tied up in his bed because he appoints himself her personal bodyguard. Very personal. Imprisoned in his old royal hunting lodge deep in the desert 'for her own protection',

Laurel fights desperately for her freedom. Their differing cultures, his obsession with security, her doubts and fears, and her unwilling fascination with the traditions of this ruthless and scarred desert warrior, lead to misunderstandings and desperate moments of passion. For two people who have no-one else, there’s only the slightest chance of happiness. For lonely Laurel and her gorgeous beguiling man, how can it ever be enough?

Warning: contains one red-hot Sheikh with a wicked tongue and unlimited stamina.

FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.


Also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and now German.


CJ Douglas says 'This is a terrific read! You are caught up in the action from the first page - real thriller movie action which is authentic and engrossing. Rafiq, the Sheikh, is no caricature Rudolf Valentino. Laurel, the heroine, is an appealing mix of innocence and fiesty spirit. There's a back story of genuine interest, which is woven skilfully into the main narrative.'

Desired by the Sheikh

The second in the Sheikhs of Al Sounam series

Kiwi cook Stacy is hell-bent on gaining advanced medical treatment for her beloved half-brother David or he may never walk again. An unexpected letter has revealed his father is a Middle Eastern king – with money to burn, and surely an interest in keeping David’s existence a secret? Stacy heads to Al Sounam intent on blackmail.

Crown Prince Akil bin Khalid knows his fate. As the king’s oldest son he must marry for political reasons. No suitable woman has yet intrigued him, but surely he can indulge in a final fling?

The handsome sheikh is intensely attracted to this enchanting and unsuitable foreign girl, but by inviting her back to the palace is he endangering his family, his country, his inheritance, and his heart?

Warning: Secrets and lies, rubies and spies, and a sheikh with a huge four-poster bed.

FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited


5.0 out of 5 stars Irresistible

Kris Pearson is one of my favorite romance authors. I loved her first Sheikh, 'Taken by the Sheikh', and I couldn't wait to read this one. I must say I wasn't disappointed. Once I started, I couldn't put it down and now I need to know when the next one will be published!

Promise You Nothing

The fixer-upper from hell. Now on Amazon - and in KU

Only 99c to celebrate the launch of Promise You Plenty.

Emmie Conway has problems.  Tall, arrogant Josh Hamilton problems.

Emmie’s brother is suddenly dead. Their jointly owned ‘wrecked and ready to reno’ house is now unsaleable. And she might… just might… be pregnant, so her emotions are all over the place. She needs a competent builder, a way to pay off her huge debt, and a miracle. What she gets is implacable, bossy Josh.

He’s fresh out of an unhappy marriage, bitter and bruised, and relocating his property development company to a new city. He’s missing his little daughter fiercely, and she’s the only female he wants in his life right now. He sees Emmie’s job as the ideal challenge to take his mind off his past life, and he fights to give her everything he’s convinced she needs.

Emmie thinks he’s the fixer-upper from hell as she battles for her independence and survival. He’s doing a great job on her house, but does he really have to display his chiseled shirtless body to her as he works in the sweltering summer heat?

Her ‘possibly pregnant’ hormones are doing a gleeful tap dance, and soon more than her house is in danger.


Promise You Plenty

Hi - I’m Kathryn, single mother of three, and desperate to shake my life into a new shape. I’m chancing an evening at the Dolphin Bar on my own. Not quite on the prowl, but maybe…

And there’s a man – over-tall, over-hairy, over-gorgeous. We’re soon having an outrageous chat, and he promises me two orgasms. Never had an offer like that from a stranger! After a couple of red wines I’m being kissed senseless, but our sexy fantasy won’t be happening because, like Cinderella, I have to be home by midnight.

Or is there just enough time?

Then I discover he’s OMG famous, ridiculously rich, and everything I never expected to find. I can’t keep him, though. Can I?

A strangers-to-lovers second chance romance. Scorching hot, no cheating, and a fairytale HEA.

3 novels - The complete Heartlands Series

A boxed set of my three Heartlands novels set in both our North and South Islands

FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited

Three linked love affairs set in the wild beauty of New Zealand, with more than fifty 4 and 5-star reviews on and .uk

Melting His Heart – a passionate story of misplaced trust, set in the alpine resort of Queenstown. Is Kate spying for her famous father?

Christmas Holiday Hearts – Ellie’s dream job becomes her worst nightmare when she discovers the wealthy widower she’ll be working for is the father of her son.

Cowboy Wants Her Heart – Ellie’s shy friend Alfie is expected to marry brash cowboy Rory to save her inheritance of Glenleighton Estate.

Read the free samples by going to the individual book pages - just click these covers.


Melting His Heart - Kris Pearson         Christmas Holiday Hearts - Kris Pearason           

Christmas Holiday Hearts

Always FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited

In this heart-wrenching holiday romance, a devastating fire ruins school-teacher Ellie McKenna’s rented apartment. Now she urgently needs a temporary home and a few weeks’ work to get her life back on track. A short term Christmas contract tutoring twin daughters on a huge coastal farm sounds ideal – until, too late, she meets the billionaire owner.

Ellie’s dream job turns into her worst nightmare once she discovers the man she’ll be working for is her long-ago holiday fling. He gave her the hottest memories of her life – and a son he knows nothing about. Now she’s trapped on beautiful Wharemoana Estate, torn away from her wonderful boy while she tries to resist his still-so-tempting father. 

Tony Robinson is grieving and guilt-stricken after the slow death of his unsuitable wife. He’s shocked to see the temporary teacher is the beautiful holiday lover he’s never forgotten… that he’s been given a second chance to romance the woman he should never have lost touch with. To his displeasure he finds that although their fierce attraction still rages red-hot, she’s determined to keep him out of her life.

Ellie fights him any way she can, but Tony is so much more of a man now – and could undoubtedly steal Callum away with his wealth and power. She knows he’d love a son after having two daughters. An older son who’s the absolute image of him. Concealing her secret baby’s existence gets harder and harder as the long summer days grind by.

Warning: The earth definitely moves - in more ways than one.

This is the second in my Heartlands series, and you'll get a glimpse of what happened to Kate and Matthew from Melting His Heart.

It's FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited

Now also in Italian and Portuguese  

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5.0 out of 5 stars  Doesn't disappoint By Jeans, Amazon UK Amazon Verified Purchase
Once again, Kris Pearson doesn't disappoint. Got all her novels and I love them. I read them over and over again. Great characters, great story and lots of yummy cuddles. Hmmmmm....

Cowboy Wants Her Heart

Meet Rory and Alfie - the third of three hot couples from my Heartlands Series.

A forced marriage story - always free on Kindle Unlimited

Shy Kiwi heiress Alfrieda Hamlin is reduced to shocked silence when her hateful grandfather announces she’s to marry within a month – to a man she’s never met. Then she yells blue murder because there’s no way she’ll give her body to a stranger, or have her expected freedom and inheritance stolen away.

Exiled from his family for half his life, hard-living cowboy Rory Morrissey has been offered a deal: quit Texas, return to his birthplace, and embark on the delicate mission of convincing Alfie to take him as her husband. This will earn him a fresh start, respectability, and the chance of one hell of a farm. 

Rory has murder in his background and nothing to lose by accepting the challenge. The girl could be bearable. Perhaps they can outwit the old man and split things amicably? Or maybe hell will freeze over first…

Alfie might be shy but she’s no pushover. When she learns about the succession deal being hatched between her autocratic grandfather and the handsome Texan stud, she rebels. With only one month to outwit the scheming duo, she throws caution to the wind and snuggles up to the man she’s been ordered to marry. After all, she needs to know her enemy if she expects to beat him at his own game.

Note from Kris: This is fiction, and I have deliberately distorted the geography a little so Glenleighton and nasty Grandpa don't quite exist!

4.0 out of 5 stars New Zealand - Land of Questionable Critters 

By Sebella Blue

This book was a big, fat paradox, both incredibly sweet and unbelievably sexy at the same time. Alfie couldn't have been any greener if she had been raised by nuns. Despite the fact that she works with livestock and is well aware of what goes where.

Rory, the ex-pat Kiwi, who now hails from Texas, actually saved Alfie when a cave weta fell down her shirt. For this he deserves all the sex, and land that he could ever want. Not only did he remove the weta, he put it back in the cave so that it wouldn't die in the sunlight. I love this cowboy. With all his shucks, and darlings, he was just too, too yummy. He was also a very dirty cowboy, and I'm not talking trail dust, nosireebob! He gives Alfie some hands on training in animal husbandry. *snort*
This was a well written, quick but satisfying romance. I think the whole weta incident pretty much put the kibosh on any future trips to New Zealand, so I guess I'll have to rely on more books from Kris to satisfy my wanderlust. Nice, job, Ms. Pearson, I enjoyed the ride.

Melting His Heart

A wintertime romance in New Zealand.

Kate Pleasance needs to flee her home city of Auckland and create a new life away from family stress and infidelity. Might the advertisement seeking a ‘Superwoman’ be her answer? Short-listed, she’s flown to the vibrant winter tourist resort of Queenstown at her prospective employer’s expense. Snow is dusting the mountain tops as the jet glides in, and she’s shocked to be collected by tall, dark internet billionaire, Matthew McLeod. Where is the woman she spoke with on the phone? 

Kate is driven first to hospital to meet his injured sister, and then to their magnificent home to stay the night. Lottie is a world-famous painter, and Kate craves the job as her assistant, but she’s totally unsettled by charismatic Matthew who teases her unmercifully. Knowing she’s dangerously attracted, she vows to refuse the job, should it be offered, and run like hell.

After a disastrous first marriage, Matthew has lived in a freezing void. His duplicitous ex-wife chose him for his money, and when she tried to blackmail him he swiftly divorced her and swore off future entanglements. He’s buried himself in his work to keep the demons at bay, but now there’s a potent new threat tearing at his resolve.

Although she’s plainly diving for cover, job-seeker Kate is dragging his ruthlessly supressed emotions back to the surface. Temptation he’s easily shrugged off in the past now eats him alive. Can he persuade her to stay long enough to fan the smouldering sparks between them until they burst into white-hot flames?

Warning: This is a sexy read.

Also translated into Italian and Portuguese.


 5.0 out of 5 stars love kris alwaysBy C. Andrews (grimsby england)   Again another good read from kris and she never disappoints, I have read most of her wellington series and when i saw this i couldnt wait to get stuck in, her books are all happily ended but with bumps in the road toward that ending with both strong characters and good back ground stories, this lived up to the others, good characters with a touch of jumping to conclusions due to family connections and romance which never hurts a book, as always can never put her books down.

The sensational set of Wynn family billionaire beach romances.

Summer Sparks: Anna Wynn prepares for her wealthy family’s summer break in their idyllic New Zealand holiday home. Big, determined construction boss Jason Jones is right in her way at every turn.

Forced to endure each other’s company in the small-town beach house, mutual frustration and undeniable chemistry create a sizzling war between them.

* * *

Summer Secrets: There are fireworks from the moment Josslyn Wynn and Cameron Mackay meet at Anna’s dinner party. A shocking accident has robbed Jossy of the chance to bear children, but she knows philandering Cam has tossed his only son aside like garbage.

As a lawyer, she’s using her legal tricks to make his life hell. They have every reason to hate each other – until they can’t.

* * * 

Summer Spice: Oliver Wynn fell for Meifeng Chan the moment he was old enough to know what girls were for. Mei was too realistic to ever accept a date with him; Ollie from the billionaire Wynn family and the Chinese girl from the takeaway shop? Not going to happen!

Fifteen years later Anna enlists Ollie to hide Mei from an abusive boyfriend. Ollie is furious and protective and spoiling for a fight, but Mei is wary and defensive and no way ready to trust another man.

* * * 

These novels are intended for adult readers.

Summer Secrets - Scarlet Bay Book 2

Fireworks from the moment they meet.

Lawyer Josslyn Wynn secretly yearns for a husband and family, but a shocking accident made children impossible, and her sharp manner and workaholic lifestyle make landing a man unlikely. Even the billionaire Wynn family can't reverse a tragedy like that.

When Cameron Mackay ran out on Jossy’s pregnant housemate, Jossy fought for a Protection Order to prevent him from seeing his son. She couldn’t forgive him for throwing away something she wanted so deeply herself but could never have.

Because Cam was the opposing client in the court case, she should have nothing to do with him, but when they meet at a dinner party, his knowing grin and sexy suggestions scrape over her soul like sandpaper and she finds him impossible to ignore.

It sticks in Cam’s gut to be forced to play nice with the bitter, beautiful lawyer, but soon he sees he must re-assess everything he assumed about her, and everything he thought he wanted in his own casual, free-wheeling life.

Can Cam save Jossy? Or will Jossy save Cam?

I LOVED this hero, he is all that and MORE

TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 4, 2017Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

OMG I LOVED THIS STORY. I love a book that grabs me in the first paragraph and holds on tight to the very end. I was one of the millions that downloaded THE BOAT BUILDER'S BED and I have been a HUGE van of Ms. Pearson ever since. She writes a GREAT hero, usually a working man but a sense of humor, a great body and TERRIFIC in bed. The heroines are smart, independent and sexy as heck. The story always takes you in and you start believing these people are real, the surroundings exist and you want to be friends with them just to be a part of their wonderful existence. I absolutely adore this author.

It is definitely about these two discovering they don't really know as much as they think they do. Judging without all the facts, or facts that you think are true but aren't is not a good thing. lessons for us all. The story is about how they find a way to each other. A great romance and his determination to get what he truly wants. She is hiding a dark secret that is more her own emotional problem than an issue for him. You have to love this guy, all 6'3" of him. He is fun, sexy as all get out, determined and loving. OMG I could just eat him up!! Boy if New Zealand were really full of these kinds of guys I would be moving!!

Five stars on Amazon

Summer Spice - Scarlet Bay Book 3

Opposites attract - but fate has other ideas

Oliver Wynn was fascinated by Meifeng Chan from the moment he was old enough to know what girls were for. Mei was too realistic to ever accept a date with him; Ollie from the billionaire Wynn family and the Chinese girl from the takeaway shop? Not going to happen!

Fifteen years later fate has slammed them together. Ollie’s cousin, Anna, has asked him to keep Meifeng hidden in the family’s luxurious new beach house so her abusive boyfriend can’t find her and beat her up again. Ollie is furious and protective and spoiling for a fight, but Mei is wary and defensive and no way ready to trust another man. They have three long days to keep their hands off each other.

 Swimmers running into ocean


Summer Santa

Strangers to lovers, because he’s irresistible.

In other families she’d be the extrovert – the middle daughter with nothing to lose. But Becca Wynn is serious, solitary, and thinks she’s happy that way. When she accidentally knocks Mack Mackay off his crutches, her ordered life is turned upside down.

Mack is a scientist. He’s sociable, optimistic, and determined to add more fun to Becca’s life. She’s way out of her comfort zone, and her limping, laughing new friend with the ridiculous beard he grew in Antarctica is bulldozing her defenses flat.

Christmas is only days away. Mack has almost no time to persuade quiet Becca her life is meant to be lived noisily and passionately – with him. She’s in for a Christmas lunch she’ll never forget when he breaks out the lilac hair bleach, his father’s velvet robe, and a Santa hat.


Originally part of the Baby it's Hot Outside box-set, and now published separately, and in KU to read free.

Summer Sparks - Scarlet Bay Book 1

The series starter. Always free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

The judge's daughter. The drunkard's son. How will that work?

Anna Wynn is restless - and construction-boss Jason Jones never turns down a pretty woman. The idyllic beach house they’re trapped in is the perfect place to try for some excitement, but enemies becoming lovers can leave lives in tatters.

Anna has arrived in Scarlet Bay to prepare for her wealthy family’s Christmas vacation. Big tough Jason is right in the way – even in the bed she intended claiming as her own. She vows not to let this infuriating tower of testosterone upset her careful plans, but his rippling body and huge tattoo are hard to ignore. 

Jason’s dreams were ruthlessly crushed by his alcoholic father. Now he’s finally become the man he always hoped to be – the strong, focussed boss of his own construction company. Uptight, interfering Anna Wynn threatens to turn his life upside down, and soon both their closed-off hearts are under siege. When Anna’s huge secret is revealed, will he be willing to pick up the pieces?  

SUMMER SPARKS is sexy, funny and heart-warming, and is intended for mature readers. 

Love, love, LOVE this book! 5 stars on Amazon

on November 10, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition A fantastic start to Kris Pearson's new series..... not a huge surprise as I have not read a bad one yet!

I fell completely for both Anna and Jason, they are quirky, defensive, traumatised, both carrying far more baggage than any one person should and are completely perfect for each other, if only they could avoid the judgement and censure of their parents. They both grow in confidence with support of the other and quickly realise they are far stronger and happier together.....but are they strong enough to stand together and fight against everything their parents and society throw at them? Can they work together to bury some of that baggage and plan a future, together?

I cannot wait for the next in this series.......I am expecting lots of fireworks!

The Boat Builder's Bed - more than two million copies downloaded worldwide

Sophie Calhoun can't imagine how she'll pay for the damage she's done to the luxurious car. Already cash-strapped, she's struggling to launch her interior design studio and make a home for her daughter. Out of the sleek black Jaguar storms super-yacht tycoon Rafe Severino. Steaming mad. Totally gorgeous. And in need of a top-line decorator for his spectacular new mansion.

Sophie fears her dream contract comes with strings that tie her to the boat-builder's bed. She knows he doesn't want a preoccupied single mother, but concealing her daughter's existence from the man she's falling in love with is getting harder and harder. If he discovers her lies, she'll instantly lose everything.

Warning: Contains one determined man who knows his way around boats, bodies and bedsheets.


The Wrong Sister

A tender, sexy 'second chances' story of family relationships and long-time unrequited love.

Attraction explodes between Fiona and Christian when they met on the day he marries Jan, her beloved sister. The only way Fiona has coped is by hiding on the far side of the world. The only way Christian has coped is by leaving on business whenever she visits her family back home in New Zealand.

After five long, frustrating years Fiona has the heart-wrenching six-week assignment of caring for newly widowed Christian and his tiny daughter. Their mutual love and respect for Jan holds them apart.  Will their lost love ever be given a second chance?

Billionaire Christian would rather spend time with anyone except the tempting woman who reminds him so much of his cherished wife. But Fiona has leave from her cruise-liner job and seems determined to do her family duty. Passion and temptation simmer between them as they get to know each other again. This sensual feel-good romance novel is heart-warming, steamy and bittersweet. How can craving the wrong sister feel so right?

Read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.



Seduction on the Cards

Come for some fun in the South Pacific 

When journalist Kerri is assigned to interview a seriously rich anti-gambling crusader, she imagines a grandfatherly tycoon with a comb-over. But hunky Alex Beaufort has plenty of hair - and enough of everything else to make her mouth water.

Irrepressible Kerri decides to find out exactly how much, and a sizzling game of strip-poker soon has them both peeling off their layers of self-protection. Seduction is definitely on the cards - but who's seducing who? And what are the odds? Good enough to take a chance on?

Warning: Contains sexy Frenchman, tropical heat, and enthusiastic outdoor fun and games.

Read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription



Seductive and Steamy!
'Seduction on the Cards' is a fast-paced, steamy read that had me totally engrossed from beginning to end. I enjoyed the sprinkling of humor and Alex is simply the sexiest French hero ever. Loved it - can't wait for this author's next book, I'm hooked.'
Five stars on Amazon.
Tracey Alvrez

Out of Bounds

Who will save who?

Passionate and funny. Jetta Rivers has inherited half a dilapidated bungalow. Big problem: she's forced to share it with the unknown co-owner, Anton Haviland, and her past has left her terrified of men.

Gorgeous Anton is a confident sexy architect, and he plans to demolish, rebuild, and make a million bucks. Jetta is determined to renovate, remember her Gran, and stay well out of Anton’s reach.

He might be exactly who Jetta needs to put her crippling fear to rest, but can she allow him near enough? And would he even want to try? A midnight disaster leaves her no option when he drags her off to the only bed left in the now-damaged house. Then she finds Gran's old copy of The Joy of Sex. So....

Always free to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Also available in Spanish HERE.

'Beautifully done and wonderfully written. Great dialogue and character growth. I highly recommend Out of Bounds for the multi-layered character development, the sexiness of Anton and an old house that was destined to bring two unlikely people together. Bravo Ms. Pearson.
5 Smiles and a recommended read.' (Love, Laughter Friendship Blog.)

Resisting Nick

A man with a shattered soul becomes total temptation for a girl with a marshmallow heart.

Fitness center entrepreneur Nick Sharpe is under siege. His business is going ballistic and his PA has left without giving notice. He’s offered to donate bone marrow to his desperately ill niece and been told he’s not genetically compatible. Not related. Reeling from the shock of finding he was adopted, Nick has no patience left for his new temp, Samantha – however much she attracts him or rubs him up the wrong way.

Sammie Sherbourne’s sure she can cope with her demanding new boss for the next week or two. Finally free to spread her very cramped wings after a long family crisis, she wants a short-term job until her passport arrives so she can follow her travel dreams. But the possibility she might hold the key to unlock Nick’s true identity eats at her – far more than his money or spectacular body do.

Warning: Contains sexy games in beds, bathrooms, and on balconies.

Read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Also available in Spanish as Resisiendo a Nick.

Rocketed up the Apple charts in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.
'Oh my gosh. Love this author. Clever writing, hot sex, interesting plot. Didn't think I could like it as much as The Boat Builder's Bed, but I did.' Five stars on Amazon, Anny Mousse.

Hot for You - games for two

'Hot for You' is a lot of sexy romantic fun. 

She’s made him an offer he can’t refuse – or can he? Cody Mitchell has been planning a hot little affair with his best friend’s widow – the woman he’s wanted for three long years. But he finds Melanie’s acceptance comes with outrageous conditions. She considers him only a stallion with suitable bloodlines to provide her with children.  Cody had a no-strings, no-kids fling in mind, but Mel wants his DNA every bit as much as she wants his desirable body. Who’ll win this battle of the bedroom – the handsome pilot or the feisty airline heiress?

WARNING: Hot pilot, willing widow, very high stakes.

Read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

5.0 out of 5 stars  "Holy heat, Batman!" By Texas  When Kris Pearson promises heat she delivers! This novella will cause your Kindle to smoke. Young widow wants children and she wants them from her late husband's best mate. He wants her body, but not kids. Can she change his mind? Buy this and find out. I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. I have read several of Pearson's Wellington series. They're all good.

Ravishing Rose

One shy girl is about to start living!

Francesca Ellison is swept off to an A-list party in a concealing mask, a decadent costume and sex-shop panties. There she meets the pirate, Captain Cool. Frankie tells him her name is Rose because for once she intends behaving very badly. The Captain outdoes her at every turn.

As sky-rockets scream skyward and guests start to demolish the party venue, Frankie loses her panties and her inhibitions. ‘Rose’ is thoroughly ravished, and the Captain gets more (and less) than he hoped for.

Always free to read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription

‘I loved it and even though I know it's just a novella I wanted it to go on longer. I want more! lol. Anyways, great piece. I started reading while at work and couldn't put it down - just had to sneak in. Very difficult if you're working in a hospital.’
Five stars from Jazzielady.

Matched on Maui

A tender, feel-good holiday novella -

always free to read on KU

She’s tiny. Blonde. Challenging. Troubled. He’s tall. Dark. Ambitious. Confused.

Emmy Rossiter wants a few days of sunshine in Hawaii to gather strength for an upcoming family battle. But she wasn’t expecting lava-hot kisses on top of a volcano with Californian winemaker Carter.

Carter Cassidy needs time away from ‘a situation’. Maui with his mates seems the ideal answer – until he discovers an enticing woman who distracts him a lot more than the bars and beers.

Will romance with a stranger from the other side of the world bring happiness for them both?

Christmas Twist

A gorgeous split-time romantic novella

The Bennett twins spell double trouble for Gabriella Clifton. A year of study in London with the handsome brothers ends with souvenirs she never expected.

Twenty years later, home in New Zealand, a surprise visit from Donny Bennett turns her world upside down. Can she trust his words? Can she believe her eyes? Can she guard her heart against his unrelenting charm offensive?

As the Christmas sun shines down on the big old house by the sea, Gabi must decide the shape of her future.

South & Sexy 1,2,3

A boxed set of three of my popular books

These three novels share more than 1000 four and five-star reviews on and

The Boat Builder's Bed - can Sophie juggle Rafe, her new studio and her secret daughter? Or will she crash and burn?

Seduction on the Cards - Kerri has a gambling problem and a man problem. How will she cope with Alexandre, the anti-gambling crusader?

Resisting Nick - a hurting hero and a tender-hearted heroine who can bring his life right - provided he doesn't wreck hers first.


Read FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription               

I read these books as standalones and wrote reviews for them. I felt like I needed to just add my vote on this site as well. I LOVE Ms. Pearson's writing. You get a trip to New Zealand while you get a great love story. Boy gets girl is usually all they have in common. Each story stands on its own merit. Once you read one you will move right on to the next one. She has series books but they are all standalone and they all end happily ever after. No cliffhangers. They are hot as a firecracker so be prepared for that. it fits right in with the story and just like life really is so I have truly enjoyed everyone of her reads.

Good entertaining reads - five stars on from Gatorfan

South & Sexy 4,5,6

Four sizzling love affairs in New Zealand’s top party city.

Come and play with feisty heroines and gorgeous heroes in a great harborside setting.

The Wrong Sister. Spend some tender sexy time with Fiona and Christian – brother-in-law and sister-in-law who are forced to share a house for six weeks.

Hot for You. Enjoy an erotic affair with airline owner Melanie who has an outrageous offer for her chief pilot, Cody.

Out of Bounds. Share the property that’s been jointly and mysteriously left to architect Anton and his unknown cousin. Her crippling fear of men is only the start of their problems.

Includes Special bonus! Ravishing Rose. Attend an A-list masked party with shy Rose who’s determined to take the chance to misbehave. And finds the ideal pirate for the job.

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Holiday Magic

Three warm Christmas love stories

Three romantic novellas, different as chalk and cheese (or holly and hibiscus). Enjoy Brigitte and Steve’s intense and unexpected attraction, and the old sheep-dog who saves the day and paves the way for a marriage proposal in KIWI SUMMER CHRISTMAS.

Share the desperation and joy as Jeff rescues Evie and they start a triumphant new life together in a borrowed house with an abandoned cat in SANTA CLAWS.

And move from London to New Zealand, from winter to summer, from the past to the present, as Gabi gets the shock of her life and her twins finally meet their father in CHRISTMAS TWIST.

Three happy endings, three tender stories to read again and again.

Murder in the Aisle

The series starter - always free to read with your KU subscription. 

Who killed the church flower arranger? 

Hi – I’m freelance editor Merry Summerfield, and it’s another fantastic day in drowsy Drizzle Bay. That’s until Vicar Paul and I find Isobel Crombie lying dead in a sea of flowers in the aisle of Saint Agatha’s church. Who’d kill a harmless old girl like her?

In no time flat I’ve scored a house-and-pet sitting gig – Isobel’s remote seaside cottage and her two darling dogs. It comes complete with hollyhocks and seagulls and a SEAL from California who looks a lot like a younger Jon Bon Jovi. He's certainly cute, but aren’t his questions about Isobel's house a bit – well, suspicious?

Then I find a secret office stuffed with alarming files about car thefts and Black Ops assassins. Maybe Isobel wasn't as harmless as we all thought?

Sleuthing’s more fun than I’ve had in ages, but how safe am I on my own now things are unraveling? Little white Bichons are hopeless attack dogs.


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Reviews from Goodreads readers -

‘Merry is AWESOME! I loved it! A little bit funny and a lot crazy. If you have an evening where you just want to get lost in something lighthearted and fun or you need your mood lifting this is the book for you. It is also available in Kindle Unlimited - so there is little risk, try it I am confident Merry will win you over!’  Book Devil Reviews

‘told from the first person POV and had me cracking up in getting to know about the quirkiness that is Merry. I found myself drawn in to the vast array of characters making up the small town of Drizzle Bay wondering how they potentially fit in to the murder and Merry's efforts to solve it. Murder in the Aisle is such a delightful read and had me guessing throughout! I can't wait for the next one in the series.’ TiffyHoo


Xmas Marks the Spot

 Not what you want to find...

OMG! Who hid a quarter of a cow in the trunk of my brother’s beloved Mercedes? And what’s with that spooky big X marking the spot on the beach where a man lies dead? Can my quarter-cow and the corpse possibly be connected?

Detective Bruce Carver doesn’t think the body is any of my business, but someone’s up to no good amid the twinkling Christmas decorations in drowsy Drizzle Bay.

I’m sure I can help, but maybe I’m too curious for my own good. Who’s going to rescue me now a smelly rustler has roped me up far too close to that big white X? Not my brother and his two goofy spaniels. Not old Margaret and little Pierre the poodle. Not my ex-husband, the unfaithful Duncan Skene. I need a super-resourceful man with … umm…muscles.

Always free to read on Kindle Unlimited. 


From Susan on Goodreads

Merry is back in X Marks the Spot the second in the Merry Summerfield Cozy mysteries, I cannot believe what Merry gets herself into without even trying. It is a charming lighthearted and very easy to read book which I found hard to put down, gets you guessing right to the end and oh my what an ending, it leaves you wanting and needing more, please bring on book number three I can't wait, will Merry get together with John or Paul or will there be a twist, all you can be sure is she will walk straight into trouble without any effort absolutely brilliant.

Murder they Meowed

Cats and dogs, diamonds and danger - even more fun, and more romance, too

Hi – I’m Merry Summerfield, law-abiding book editor, pet-minder, and unintentional sleuth. When I find Matthew Boatman’s door swinging open I slink into his dark and cat-infested house to make sure he isn’t sick.

To my horror he’s so sick, he’s dead.

The shiny silver arrow in his back is beautifully tidy compared to half a lifetime’s high-piled hoarding. OMG – the mess! Honestly, who could live like this?

Someone needs to call the cops – and that’s me. Again. Detective Bruce Carver is far from impressed, and doesn’t like my plan to feed all the cats so I can keep an eye on the house being emptied out.

I’m watching my back – no arrows please – and keeping my eyes open and my ears flapping as I dish out the kibble, but old Matthew was a diamond hunter in days gone by. Does he have a million-dollar stash of gems hidden here? And has that put me in danger? Are those cats meowing 'Murder!' ?

(Originally published as Dead and Disorderly.)

* * * * *

This is the third of the Merry Summerfield cozy mysteries - and the cast from Drizzle Bay appears again - Vicar Paul and his sister, Heather... John Bonnington who may or may not be a Black Ops specialist... his mysterious partner at The Burkville Bar and Cafe, Erik... Detective Bruce Carver and his off-sider Marian Wick... Iona and her cupcakes, Bernie the butcher, and of course Lord and Lady Drizzle. There are new faces, too - come and meet them.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another delightful mystery in Drizzle Bay

Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2020 by Comppaul.

 I enjoyed this next mystery in the Drizzle Bay Cozy Mysteries. This is the third I have read, and it was as delightful as the rest with even more romantic interest in the continuing characters. It is fun to see where the heroine, Merry Summerfield, takes us. How does she keep running across another dead body in this small town? We find out. She meets another of the town's more reclusive inhabitants, and learns more about this victim than she expected. She also gets to care for the cats of the deceased. It is a fun ramble with this friendly lot. I trust you will thoroughly enjoy this book as well. The editing is superb.

Body! they Barked

Red-soled shoes and red, red blood

I don’t often see expensive red-soled Christian Louboutin shoes in Drizzle Bay. And certainly not hanging out of a trash can on the end of long, slim legs. My latest pet-sitting charges are desperate for me to notice the grisly sight and are barking like crazy – pulling me straight into another murder mystery.

But who would want well-dressed Coral Clappe dead? With an apparently loving family, money galore, and a bonus beach house, it seems she led a charmed life. It’s not long, though, before perfection starts splintering. Goodness – the things that woman got up to!

As a law-abiding book editor I have a writers’ workshop to run before I start seriously sleuthing. Come to the workshop with me. Everyone has a theory about the murder but only one person knows the truth. (One person and maybe two huge German Shepherds.)

Detective Bruce Carver is hot on the trail, and this time he has a hunky new off-sider from Boston, Massachusetts. But because I found the body, I’d love to find the culprit, too.


This is the fourth of the Merry Summerfield cozy mysteries - and the cast from Drizzle Bay appears again - Vicar Paul and his sister, Heather... John Bonnington who may or may not be a Black Ops specialist... his mysterious partner at The Burkville Bar and Cafe, Erik... Detective Bruce Carver and his hunky new temporary offsider from Boston, Massachusetts... Iona and her cupcakes, Bernie the butcher, and of course Lord and Lady Drizzle. There are new faces, too - come and meet them all.


3 Merry Summerfield Cozy Mysteries - laugh-out-loud sleuthing in drowsy Drizzle Bay

A delightful trio of murders!

1. Who killed the old church flower arranger? Join Merry Summerfield and Vicar Paul as they unravel Murder in the Aisle. There’s a side of pet-sitting, a secret office, a craft fair with bacon for breakfast, and dear old Lord Drizzle, too.


2. OMG! Who hid a quarter of a cow in the trunk of Merry’s brother’s Mercedes? And what’s with that spooky big X marking the spot on the beach where a man lies dead? Can the quarter-cow and the corpse be connected? Xmas Marks the Spot – but why? Will Merry solve the mystery?


3. Ouch – an arrow in poor old Matthew Boatman’s back plus six hungry cats – not what Merry wants to find when collecting for the Red Cross on a fine spring day. Hoarder Matthew must have treasure a-plenty in his messy cottage because someone is prepared to kill him to get it. Hopefully they won’t kill Merry as well, but Murder! they Meowed...


Box-set FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited


And now there's book 4 - 'Body! they Barked' - HERE

Short and Sweet - 19 New Zealand Romances

There seem to be fewer and fewer short stories in magazines these days, and I think that's a shame. To redress the balance a little, I’ve gathered together my three collections, added four new stories, and have republished them as a bumper collection of nineteen. Some have appeared in mass-market magazines, some have been produced for radio. Most have been contest winners or finalists.

They’re all tender stories guaranteed to make your heart beat a little faster and show that romance can flourish in the most unlikely places. For an extra-romantic touch, I've chosen the garden of The Mission House (also known as Kemp House) as the cover picture. This is the oldest existing European building in New Zealand, and sometimes used as a wedding venue.

Short stories are an art in themselves, and I really love writing them. Sometimes they capture only a moment of life... just a small situation that might have unexpected significance. 'Deamboats' is exactly this - a few minutes of my own family's history that I wove into an entirely different scenario. I hope you enjoy them all.


FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited


Short and sweet By Luckystarz
I gave this collection of short stories 5 stars because the author made me believe these characters could be real people. All of them covered different moments in life. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a little romance.

Maybe by Christmas? A free novella -


Copyright © 2022 by Kris Pearson

All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the US Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior permission of the author.

Note from Kris: When I started writing the South & Sexy books set in Wellington I decided to make my city the link between the different standalone novels and to keep the stories intensely focused on one couple at a time. Then I thought it would be fun to write a prequel to introduce you to at least one of the characters from each book and to show you how their lives do indeed interweave. Enjoy!

This free fifteen minute read starts in the New Zealand spring, with many of my people yearning for better lives than they’re currently living. Maybe by Christmas they’ll have their happiness…


     Rafe Severino squared his shoulders and glanced around the gathering in the opulent upper-floor dining room of the Wakefield Club. The heady scents of assorted perfumes and colognes warred with vases of fragrant freesias, and the heating was turned up too high. At least the guest speaker should be interesting. Otherwise the same old faces were illuminated by the same old chandeliers, including that of his about-to-be ex-wife, Faye.

     What a disaster Faye had been. No sooner had he slipped the very expensive rings on her finger than she’d made it abundantly plain family life was not for her – yet. She loved being a decorator. Adored looking after her clients and impressing them. And took to spending his money like a duck to water.

     But children? Why would she want them spoiling her glamorous life so soon? Not to mention ruining her svelte figure. That’s the way her story had gone for several years, and Rafe now knew it was never going to change. Was she so devious or had he simply been too hopeful she was the woman who’d want to build a family with him? A better family than the sorry combination of distant parents and estranged brothers he’d been landed with?

     Today Faye had one of her protégées in tow – a quiet, dark-haired girl in a grey dress – no doubt intended as the ideal contrast to her own flamboyant persona. Rafe collected a whiskey from the bar, swallowed half of it, and went to meet her anyway.

     “Darling!” she exclaimed, as though there was no bad blood between them, no divorce being negotiated. “I don’t think you’ve met Jetta Rivers. Jetta, this is my handsome husband, Rafe.”

     He grimaced at the ‘husband’ tag. Husband in name only, and not for much longer.

     The girl bobbed her head. “I’ve seen you sometimes in the studio, but my desk is way down the back.”

     Rafe grinned at that. She was pretty. Of course Faye would position her well out of sight so she was no competition. He took a much smaller sip of the whiskey. “Yes – but not often lately.”

     “Poor Rafe is so busy with his super-yachts,” Faye purred.

     “And the house, I suppose,” the girl said, glancing up at him. “Mrs Severino showed us all the plans once it was under way.”

     “Not your sort of place, is it Jetta?” Faye suggested, flashing her over-smoky eyes in Rafe’s direction. “Jetta specialises in heritage décor. The big old traditional homes. All the original colonial features and so on.”

     Rafe took another sip of his drink. Faye didn’t want his children so she’d never get to share the house. Her dream house.

     She pursed her lips. “And of course ours is cutting edge modern.”

     “Ours?” Rafe couldn’t help quirking an eyebrow and putting some steel into his query.

     “Well, yours really, darling,” she replied, apparently unfazed by his correction, and adding no further explanation to Jetta except, “he’s spending absolutely squillions on it.”

     The girl had the sense not to comment on that. Or maybe she was genuinely not impressed.

     Faye thrust her empty glass toward Rafe. “Get me another one, sweetie?”

     How had he not registered her endless demands much earlier? The way she’d taken him for granted and tried to treat him like a biddable servant. He stared her down, still fuming about the ‘husband’ claim and furious about the crass ‘squillions’ comment. Not even a ‘please’ on the end of her carelessly flung request.

     “I’m sure Howard will be thrilled to see you again,” he said, angling his chin in the direction of the bow-tied barman.

     Faye made a little moue with her scarlet lips. “No need to be so unkind, darling. You keep Jetta amused for a few minutes then.” She turned away, slim hips twitching with every step, and her Louboutin pumps flashing their lipstick-red soles to match her suit.

     He looked down at the girl again. She seemed calm and composed, despite the occasion and the possibly daunting guest list. Rafe was used to women flirting and simpering, and supposed the whole rigmarole would start up again once word got around he was ‘available’. She was a refreshing change, but she wasn’t radiating sexual attraction. Indeed, rather the opposite. “You enjoy working for Faye?” he asked.

     The girl looked even more discomfited. “Well, yes. It’s been good. But I won’t be there much longer. My grandmother is far from well, and really not able to look after herself any longer. I spend a lot of nights not in my flat so I can keep an eye on her. I need to be more flexible. Get her some extra care. Do some of my work from home.” She raised her wineglass to her apricot-glossed lips.

     He nodded slowly. It was rare to find someone young with such devotion to her family. Exactly the kind of girl he should have chosen. Maybe by Christmas he’d have the right mind-set to start searching again.

     “So you’ll establish a studio of your own?”

     She swallowed and shrugged. “Probably, but please don’t tell Faye. In fact there are a couple of us making plans.”

     The corners of Rafe’s mouth quirked. “No great surprise. She gets through staff like other people get through popcorn.”

     “She’s very keen on at what she does, though,” the girl said in Faye’s defence, and then added, “But not so easy to work for.”

     He took another sip of his whiskey. He’d almost finished it, and the ice cubes rattled and slid against the sides of the glass. “So you’re teaming up with someone?”

     She shook her head. “No, on my own is best right now. I’ve been collecting private clients on the side. That probably sounds terrible, but the situation with my grandmother really is making things very difficult.”

     Rafe glanced across the room. Faye now had her new glass of wine, and several men hanging on her every word. “Then good luck,” he said. “If you attack it with plenty of energy I’m sure you’ll be fine. I had nothing behind me when I started. Just a burning desire to succeed, and the willingness to put in the hours and make the most of opportunities.”

     “Yes,” she agreed. “I’m determined.”

     “So who else is planning to go?” Not that he gave a damn, but he couldn’t leave her standing there alone, and at least it was something to talk about.

     “Sophie,” she said. “She’s been there quite a while.”

     He recalled a pretty little blonde with a shy smile. “I presume she doesn’t have a grandmother to take care of?”

     “No.” Jetta shook her head. “She has a young–”

     “Rafe m’boy!” boomed City Councillor Ian Gordon as he strode up, hand out to be shaken. “Just the man I wanted.”

     Rafe lost the rest of the girl’s reply as Councillor Gordon realised he’d interrupted and began to apologise profusely.


     Jetta took a couple of steps away and left the men to their conversation. Councillor Gordon was a teddy bear, but Rafe was overpowering. Faye had been right when she’d described him as her ‘handsome husband’. She couldn’t imagine surviving alone with him for much longer. He was too tall and too broad-shouldered. His cheekbones were high, his nose blade-straight, and his bronzed skin gave him an exotic air. Severino might be an Italian name but she’d bet a week’s salary he had some darker blood, too. Maybe New Zealand Maori, because his hair was thick and black and his eyes were the colour of well-roasted coffee beans. He was a total hunk.

     She clenched her hands until her nails started to bite her palms. The feeling of helplessness still swamped her when she least expected it. Of course she was safe – here in such a big gathering, with her boss and so many leaders of the business community in attendance. She’d recognised Councillor Gordon from a recent interview on TV. And she suspected the shorter but slightly American-sounding man a few feet away was the financier Mike Ellison – a hot-shot investor who’d recently returned to Wellington after making a killing in New York. His wife had visited the studio recently. Bella. Jetta remembered the almost-rhyming Bella-Ella start of her name.

     She backed away a few more steps and tilted the last of her wine up. There seemed to be plenty of it on offer so she wandered slowly across to the bar and waited until the barman was free. “Another Sauvignon Blanc, please.”

     “Coming right up,” he assured her, making a dramatic production of pouring it. “I haven’t seen you here before, have I?” He had that intimate, cosy manner of older gay men. It wasn’t the bow tie or the way his long white shirt sleeves were held up with expanding metal bands above his elbows, although maybe both were a little eccentric. Jetta remembered her grandfather wearing bands like those. The barman’s eyes twinkled from under carefully trimmed brows, and his expression was just a little too enquiring.

     She couldn’t help smiling back. “No – I came with my boss. She said it would do me good to make some more contacts.”

     “And let me guess,” he said with slight sibilance. “That would be the lovely Mrs Severino? She’s a great one for networking.”

     Jetta took a sip of her wine. “I’m sure she’s right. She’s very successful. But how did you know?”

     The barman tapped the side of his nose. “I see a lot more than people expect. To them, I’m just Howard the barman. To me, they’re a never-ending parade of fascination.”

     She laughed at that, because yes – she was an observer, too. How could she feel perfectly comfortable with this stranger, yet so on edge and sometimes downright terrified when alone with young, attractive, obviously heterosexual men?

     Because of Uncle Graham, of course. The man who’d touched her and scared her witless when she was younger. Disgusting, pudgy, onion-breathed Uncle Graham – who had disappeared from her life the moment her parents found out what he’d been doing, but not before he’d ripped a huge bleeding gash in her confidence.

     Jetta was healing, but it was slow. Her flatmates, Hallie and Bren, were determined to help her with their cheerful encouragement and sociable company. Maybe by Christmas she might be ready to try dating again?


     Journalist Kerri Lush moved from foot to slightly sore foot as she willed the pedestrian signal to change. Wellington was in the grip of an early spring southerly, and the keen breeze from Antarctica threaded itself in under the collar of her jacket, around her knees in the gap between her boots and skirt, and over her fingers as they clutched her briefcase.

     Should have worn gloves and a scarf. Bet it’s going to snow!

     For sure that would make something to write about, but given that the hills around the city attracted only the lightest of dustings every three or four years, the odds were against any snow this week. Or this year. Yet another bet she’d lose.

     At least the fancy lunch was free – a tiny respite for her depleted finances. Once again she’d gambled all her spare cash away. And she was running late. Or hobbling late, thanks to the ridiculously high heels on her boots. Being barely five feet tall, Kerri always tried to gain extra height.

     Bet the main speaker starts before I get there. Bet I’ll end up sitting beside the bore of the year.

     Finally the signal changed to green and she hoofed it across the street and in through the hard-to-push front doors of the Wakefield Club. They sprang back on their too-stiff springs and almost knocked the briefcase out of her hand.

     “Bugger!” she exclaimed, rubbing her knuckles. “Ow…”

     Bet that’ll leave a bruise.

     She stared at the directory board in the lobby. The function she’d been allocated to cover was upstairs. Casting a glance at the very grand staircase with its ornate bannisters, and giving her knuckles another rub, she started to climb.

     How interesting could she make an American specialist on climate change sound? Hadn’t everyone heard it all before? Things like rising sea levels and melting ice and polar bears losing their habitat… low-lying islands needing to be evacuated… crops growing badly because the weather was becoming too hot? Could she put a local twist on any of that? Not a hope.

     As she climbed, she unbuttoned her jacket because at least it was nice and warm inside the Wakefield Club. She paused at the entrance to the big room. Quite a crowd, and there were faces she recognised from other assignments. Rafe Severino, the boat builder who’d done very well for himself indeed. If he was here, his bitchy decorator wife would be lurking somewhere, too.

     And dear old Councillor Ian Gordon, frowning as he tucked his phone back into a pocket. He snagged her gaze and mimed drinking.

     Kerri nodded with enthusiasm. “Anything white,” she said as she drew near. “You’re not looking quite your usual cheery self. Everything okay?” It was amazing what people told you if you sounded genuinely interested in them.

     He took a deep breath and pressed his lips together for a couple of seconds. “Not entirely. Our speaker isn’t going to make it. That damned ash cloud has delayed his plane. I don’t know why they didn’t let us know earlier.”

     “So…?” Kerri asked, accepting her drink and sending him a grateful smile.

     “So it’ll have to be me, unless anyone else volunteers.” He took a sip of his scotch on the rocks. “Still, good stories are everywhere in our city. The Zealandia sanctuary is going from strength to strength, for instance. That pest-proof fence is worth every penny they raised.”

     “Or every million,” Kerri agreed with a grin.

     “The native birds are spreading out for miles,” he said, tipping his glass up again. “And you can’t put a price on that.”

     “I’d like to shoot some of them,” she muttered, sampling her wine. “The ones that start gargling and clicking about four o’clock every morning. Tui?”

     “Tui,” he confirmed. “Amazing song.”

     “And the ones that fly over quite late at night screeching to each other.”

     “Kaka, I think. Big dark brown parrots. Absolute coup to have them doing so well. Have you seen the Kereru signs?”

     Kerri shook her head. “We get Kereru on the power lines outside our flat. At least they’re not noisy. What do the signs say?”

     Councillor Gordon licked his lips. “Slow for Kereru,” he said with evident satisfaction. “Those poor old wood pigeons take off about as fast as fully laden bombers, and they’re in danger of being hit.”

     “Euw!” Kerri exclaimed. “I bet they’re heavy enough to go through windscreens. I could give that a bit of publicity if you like?”

(And guess what I just found in the local paper!)

     He nodded agreement. “And I can tell them about next time’s speaker, because that’s really good news. Foreign chap has just bought our old Onslow-Smith building. Doing a big renovation and renaming it after his mother, so that’s freed up a few millions for other projects.”

     “No worries about foreign ownership?” Kerri asked. Maybe a story had just dropped into her lap?

     “He’s half Kiwi,” Councillor Gordon said. “So it’s not a problem. He’s some sort of anti-gambling crusader.”

     “Ah,” she said, switching off. He’d be the last person she’d ever want to interview.


     Nick Sharpe’s keen gaze swept across the big room like a searchlight. He was in a hurry, as usual. Too much to do, too many places to be, and never enough time for all of them. Hearing his PA was pregnant had really put a dent in his day. Tyler was the best assistant he’d ever had. Nothing had been too much trouble or too difficult for her, and he didn’t relish having to find a replacement.

     His chain of fitness centres was poised to expand into Australia. After that, North America. Nick pushed himself every moment of every day, dividing his time between local, national, and now international projects for BodyWork. And the house. The vast old wreck of a house on the cliff top he was having restored. It was a total money-pit, but the view of the sea had grabbed him by the throat when he’d first seen it and all rational thought had fled.

     Nick’s attention landed briefly on several of the younger women in the room and then travelled past them. No flickers of attraction. A sense of unease had recently started to drag at his heels. Something was wrong. Something was missing, and he had no clue what it could be.

     “Beer thanks, Howard,” he said, catching the barman’s eye. “A Stella?”

     “Coming right up.”

     “Busy today,” he said as he accepted the bottle.

     “A few new faces,” Howard agreed, turning back to continue chatting with a girl in a grey dress. Not Nick’s type, and he never needed to initiate pursuits anyway, so he returned his alert gaze out across the room. On the far side, the architect who was remodelling the house stood talking to another man.

     Nick strode across. “Anton. Good to see you again.”

     “Likewise,” Anton said, smiling broadly and raising his glass of Shiraz in a salute. “All good?”

     “Now that planning permission has finally come through,” Nick agreed.

     “Nick Sharpe – Jake Benson,” Anton said. “Another client, so watch your tongue.”

     Nick grinned and took a swig of beer. “What are you building?”

     “Nothing yet,” Jake said. “Haven’t even demolished what’s on the site. A huge old timber mansion in a very sad condition. Carved up badly for rental units, and then neglected for years. Great views across the inlet, but it’s facing the wrong way.”

     “Jeez, mine too. That’s what Anton’s doing for me. Putting a big new living area on the end that looks out to Kapiti Island, and kind of turning the rest of the place around.”

     Anton took a mouthful of his wine, and swallowed. “Jake and his business partner are redeveloping. Planning to replace the oldie with several very classy new homes. Really good piece of land.”

     “Yeah….” Jake said, dragging the word out.

     Nick heard his frustration all too clearly, and wondered what was wrong.

     “Be good if the aforementioned partner’s wife could get her head out of the sand and start being reasonable,” Jake added.

     “Women,” Anton agreed. “Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.”

     “Haven’t heard you complaining about anyone in particular?” Nick queried.

     Anton shook his head. “Been a little busy getting a new apartment block organised on my own account. The ladies have had to wait.”

     “You mean you’ve had to wait.”

     “Also true,” Anton agreed with a wry grin. “But it’ll be worth it. Maybe by Christmas.”

     “Starting or finishing then?”

     “Finishing? I wish!” He took a swig of his wine. “Starting. Plans are done; still negotiating on the land. Playing a waiting game there. And I’m working in the Aussie office for the next few weeks, so that’s delaying things, too. No – I meant it’ll be Christmas before romance gets a look-in.”

     “Romaaaance…” Nick said, drawing the word out as though it was a joke. “Good luck with that, buddy. Hope you find a total Christmas cracker.”

     The others laughed, and then Jake said, “We’ve made a start on our demolition anyway. The recyclers are removing any remaining original features that are still okay. I want to use the place for a big fundraiser before we finally bowl it.”

     “Funds for what?” Nick asked, tipping his beer up.

     “Leukaemia research.”


     There was an awkward pause. “So what are you planning?” Anton finally asked.

     Jake gave a grim smile. “One hell of a party for one hell of a price. Let the guests wreck the rest of the place if they want to. Go for broke. Big marquee and expensive caterers. Masks and fancy dress. A really good band…”

     “Sounds like my sort of shindig,” someone said behind them.

     “Fancy dress?” Nick asked doubtfully as he stepped aside to make room.

     “Only need some teeth and a tux to turn into a vampire. I’m Mike Ellison,” the man added, joining their circle.  Hands were shaken.

     “Fancy dress…” Anton repeated, also without enthusiasm.

     “Always wanted to be a pirate,” Jake said. “The full deal. Braided jacket, three-cornered hat. One night only, and anything goes.”

     Anton smirked at that. “Masks could be fun. Very Carnivale – the way Venice does it. People misbehaving everywhere.”

     “Now you’re talking,” Nick said, upending his Stella. “When’s it happening?”

     Jake shook his head. “Still in the planning stages. Better wait for early summer if we want the girls in skimpy costumes.”

     The four men nodded, picturing harem girls and Playboy bunnies and Victoria’s Secret models.


     “Who said ‘skimpy costumes’?” a woman asked, threading her arm through Nick’s. “Hello Mr Muscles.”

     “Bloody hell, Mel – you make me sound like a bottle of floor cleaner,” he complained, glancing down at the long-haired blonde. “You know everyone? Melanie Kennedy Anderson, CEO of CustomAir – my architect, Anton Haviland; one of his other clients, Jake Benson; and Mike…?”

     “Mike Ellison. Ellison Carpenter Finance.”

     “Yep, sorry, should have remembered.”

     Melanie grinned. “Your brain’s fogged up with visions of half-naked girls by the sound of things.”

     “But for a very good cause,” Nick assured her. “You’d be a starter, Mel. A really big party to raise funds for Leukaemia research? Fancy dress, masks so you can misbehave as much as you like, all you can eat and drink?”

     Melanie slowly closed her eyes. “I’m not quite ready for misbehaving, Nick. It’s too soon after Rob.”

     He bent and kissed her hair. “Jeez, sorry Mel. That’s both my feet in the mire now. I wasn’t thinking at all.”

     “My husband died three months ago,” she said to the other men. “A diving accident. Umm – scuba diving, not skydiving. Nothing to do with our planes, thank heavens.”

     “Can I get you a drink to make up for that?” Nick asked.

     “A big glass of tonic water and ice,” Mel suggested, releasing his arm, and feeling, rather than seeing, his enquiring glance. No, she wasn’t off alcohol because her husband had left her pregnant, more’s the pity.  At thirty-three, Mel had pretty much everything she wanted and needed except children. A home worth millions. The small private airline that her late father had established and which she’d inherited. A full, busy, satisfying life that most people would be envious of.

     Rob’s untimely death had been a total shock, but it was her own traitorous body that was letting her down, not that Nick needed to know that. Rob’s tests showed he could have re-populated the whole of Wellington without breaking a sweat, whereas she had to suffer endless prodding and procedures – so far without her longed-for happy result. How cruel he’d died right then, just as her medical specialists were finally sounding more optimistic.

     “You’ll certainly raise money with a party like that,” she said to Jake. “I can’t think when I last went to a true masked party. Not in New Zealand, anyway. I could buy a ticket to support the cause, and in the unlikely event I decided to attend, I might dress up as…” She tilted her head on one side. “As a naughty air hostess, maybe. In the company uniform with the hem way short and a glimpse of stocking tops. Might as well do a bit of promotion on the side.”

     Nick overhead as he returned with her drink, and grinned at the glazed expressions on the other men’s faces. “You never miss a trick, do you, Mel? So you think I should go in my BodyWork shorts and tank?”

     “Lose the tank. Wear your chest and shoulders instead,” she teased.

     Nick shook his head as the other men guffawed.

     “No point having a body like yours and not showing it off,” she added, linking her arm through his again. “I could bring my chief pilot, Cody – also without his shirt. Give you a bit of competition. He and Rob, side by side with their wetsuits peeled down to their waists, looked very tasty indeed.”

     “How can women get away with comments like that about their staff when men can’t?” Anton asked, narrowing his eyes.

     Mel smirked. “Cody? He’s doing half the women in the city. I don’t think he’d notice.” She took a sip of her tonic water, blinking at the hissing bubbles as the men laughed again.

     Cody. Yes, she had plans for tall, dark and gorgeous Cody. Nothing he’d be expecting, for sure. It was too early yet, but maybe by Christmas?


     Rafe set his glass – empty except for ice-cubes – on the window ledge and enjoyed a moment of peace. He might be safe with another small whiskey, but there was no point risking a drink/driving charge for the sake of a warm buzz in his body. They’d be serving lunch in a few minutes, anyway.

     The harbour looked good under the spring sun – ruffled by whitecaps from the chilly southerly breeze, and a sparkling contrast to the dark green hills that surrounded it. On the far side, luxurious houses with wide city outlooks climbed the slopes of Mount Victoria. He’d chosen to build his spectacular home further south – close to the harbour entrance, and with a view of much wilder water and deserted hills. A boy born and brought up in remote countryside never lost that love for nature.

     He sensed someone approaching and turned to find Christian Hartley. Chris had financial interests all around the Pacific, but his money was no guarantee of happiness.

     Rafe nodded in greeting, and Christian set his wine beside Rafe’s empty glass. “Can I get you another?”

     “Had enough for today, thanks. Busy afternoon coming up.” And then he asked, knowing the answer already, “How’s Jan doing now?”

     Christian shook his head.

     The two friends stared out over the harbour together, and Chris eventually said, “Her sister’s coming home soon. It’s just a matter of time. And probably not much time.”

     They stood in silence a little longer. “I want peace for her, but I also want to keep her with us.” Chris clenched his jaw.

     Rafe easily saw how much those few words had cost him. “Yeah…. I’m so sorry, man. And on another topic entirely, although not really, Faye and I are finished. I’ve called it a day.”

     Chris picked up his wine and put it down again. “Jeez, both of us. Wasn’t expecting that. At least Jan and I have little Nic. I’ve no idea in the world how I’m going to explain things to her when the time comes, but a piece of Jan will live on with me.”

     Rafe grimaced. “Faye never wanted children. Didn’t tell me that for several years. Wasted time.” He tried not to sound bitter, and feared he was failing miserably. He wasn’t coping with anything nearly as tough as Chris, but it still hurt like hell.

     They both stared straight ahead until Rafe’s phone signalled an incoming text. He dug in his pocket. “Mind if I check it?”

     Christian seemed lost in thought. He shook his head.

     Confirmation of a huge contract for a billionaire based in Hong Kong. Any other day he’d have shared the news about the beautiful craft his northern boatyard would be building, but not today. He took a deep breath and picked up his glass. “However tough things are now, they have to get back to normal eventually.”

     “At least Nic’s old enough to get excited by Santa and decorations this time,” Chris agreed. “That’ll help me through. But as for getting over Jan… Going to take forever.”

     “To Christmas then,” Rafe said, tipping his glass up and draining the trickle of melted ice with its faint flavour of whiskey. “And new beginnings when we’re ready.”




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