Kiwi Bear 1 - Adam

This week's 'Extra! Extra!' is the start of a shifter novella I've been writing for fun. A free read for you - and the next two or three parts will follow each week until I publish it with this cover. Hope you enjoy!

                               Kris Pearson - cover, Sniffing Her Out


Adam Malone sniffed the air and let his kayak drift in the evening silence. The scent of a woman wafted just above Lake Taupo’s shimmering surface. A young woman. He turned his head, sniffing again. Yes, there she was—female, fertile, and with waves of fear mixed into her signature pheromones.

Why was she here? Why was she spooked? And more importantly, who was doing the spooking?

He took another deep, slow sniff. The grassy aroma of raupo—the Māori name for the luxuriant ‘bullrushes’ as many Kiwis called them—entered his sensitive nostrils.



And again that enticing female fragrance. Delicate. Delicious. Calling to the male in him. It was more than time he found his mate and gave the world a few cubs. His lodge at the compound had been designed for family life—but so far, no family. And as the oldest of the brothers, he should set the example. He knew this, but finding his mate was proving harder than expected. Could it be her?

Apple Shortcake

This isn’t a blog as such, although sometimes it will be. It could also be one of my favourite recipes, a free story, or something beautiful that’s just appeared in our garden. Watch this space…

Our apple tree is weighed down with lovely fruit right now, so I’ve decided to share my Apple Shortcake recipe with you. This is written in very curly handwriting (in pencil!) by a lovely Scottish lady called Margaret who I worked with many years ago. There are exactly fourteen words of instruction in her version, so I’ll add a few more for the sake of clarity.

Heat your oven to 400 Fahrenheit or 200 Celsius

8 oz (or 225 grams) of plain flour

1 tsp baking powder. OR of course you can use self-raising flour with no baking powder.

3 oz (or 80 grams) of white sugar

4 oz (or 110 grams) of butter at room temperature.

Combine these until they’re like breadcrumbs. Then add one egg.  You may also need to add a few drops of cold water, depending on the size of the egg. Don’t make it too sticky!

Divide the resulting dough almost in half. Roll or pat the larger portion out to line a flan dish or pie plate. Mine is eight and a half inches (21 cm) across. Of course you can make double for a whopper.