Come to lunch with my ladies

I have a wonderful friend called Shirley. She’s here in the photo, wearing purple. Shirley lives in Auckland these days – eight hours’ drive away, so I don’t see her too often. She has an enormous garden and a home orchard which provides fruits for an amazing collection of jams and jellies, pickles and chutneys. I wish I could show you a photo of her pantry, shelves groaning with goodies.

She also happens to be a very funny writer. I’m itching for the day when she finally finishes her novel about Reggie the renegade vicar. Shirley and her husband drove down to Wellington last week so they came to dinner and we had a very cheerful night.

A couple of days later I rounded up some of her other local friends and we had a most enjoyable lunch together a little way up the coast. (Not too far from where I’m imagining Scarlet Bay – the setting for my current novel.)

Next we have Giovanna, who probably knows more romance authors than the rest of us put together. For many years she has travelled to the Romance Writers of America conference, and is a wonderful source of information about people and writing trends. She’s the only person I know who has met Nora Roberts.

Eight stitches in his head

Kristen Lamb – you have a lot to answer for, pursuading us to blog three times a week!

The most recent drama here is a husband who returned from work bleeding. I didn’t notice because he walked straight into the bathroom and attempted to mop himself up. Then, when it wouldn’t stop, he finally found me and told me how he’d accidentally slammed the hatch of his van down on his head. Head-wounds bleed.

I think he must have been half-concussed because he went on to collect a job from one of our decorators (and spooked her) and then went grocery shopping at the supermarket on the way home. Heaven only knows what the customers thought.

Anyway, there he was, leaking blood and needing a cup of coffee. I eventually persuaded him to go to the local medical centre – a bare hundred yards away. He came back with eight stitches and a nice neat dressing on his forehead.

                            Mrs Pearson's man

Here he is, undamaged. Getting him to stay still for a photo is a total impossibility, but wives can be sneaky. A wee while ago he needed new specs, and had brought several frames home from the optician to consider. Of course if you’re long-sighted, you can’t see yourself in the mirror if there are no lenses in the frames. “This is hopeless!” he said, getting a good deal angrier that when he’d bashed himself on the head.

Having / not having

I see amazing things when I’m out and about. Much as I’d like to sit here all day writing, I often work with my husband as a specialist window furnishing installer. That’s a fancy way of saying we fit tracks, rods, curtains and blinds – mostly in houses, but sometimes in commercial situations. We contract to some lovely decorators, so we get into the cream of Wellington’s houses. It’s interesting! (And it‘s sometimes a heck of a workout for both brain and body.) Not quite a logical career progression for a TV guy and a copywriter, but that’s another story I might tell you sometime.

       Wellington city

The biggest job we ever did was a seventeen-storey hotel. Just the two of us, tagging along after the builders had finished each floor. Hundreds of rooms of identical tracks, drapes and sheers. At least the conference floors had different fabric. I should write a book set in a hotel because it was a great learning experience seeing it all come together over several months. Yes, writers are nosy, and we eavesdrop shamelessly.

Pursued by bitcoins

Do you have ridiculous overlapping coincidences in your life like I do? This week I’m literally being chased by electronic currency. First, I starting re-reading Penny Reid’s novel Love Hacked. I adore all her books – can totally recommend them. This one features a clever young man called Alex who sweeps bitcoins as part of the plot. I didn’t know too much about this currency – just that it’s not very traceable, and it rises and falls in value like dollars and pounds and euros. I know all about those from selling e-books on Amazon and iBooks and the other e-stores.

Okay, so I had the word ‘bitcoin’ going around in my brain as I reported for possible jury duty on Monday. I made it through the first ballot. I made it through the second one, too. And was part of the team of twelve who eventually sat down in the jury box, wondering what would unfold. We were warned the case might take all week so it was obviously something biggish.

Phone fun - NOT!

I can do a lot with a computer. I can do virtually nothing with a mobile phone. It doesn’t help that I had polio as a child and one hand is now pretty shaky. Swiping anything is an exercise in frustration. Who knows where I’ll end up?

Poor Philip has bought me three phones over the years, hoping I might get interested. I can use the ‘work’ phone when we’re out on jobs together. Answer, talk, click off. Thank you iPhone.

But his latest offering is not an iPhone. It’s quite big, so my fumbling fingers will have a chance of landing on the right letters. Not a bad idea! I have proudly managed several texts. Yay me – making progress.

And overnight, some helpful person in a country far, far away has ‘updated’ it. Some of the icons have changed. I can find no way to phone anyone. If I click the green telephone symbol, which used to work fine, I now get taken to a ‘call log’ – a list of times I’ve phoned them in the past. Blowed if I can find anything that looks like a ‘call them now’ icon. I have resorted to the landline again and torn some more hair out. Loud sigh….


P.S. several hours later. I have been given another lesson. It was far from obvious to me that clicking on the small telephone number would do the trick. Why not the big red letter in the circle? Why not the name of the person?

Kristen Lamb says we have to blog!!

The amazing Kristen Lamb from Texas – blogger extraordinaire - was the keynote speaker at the recent Romance Writers of New Zealand conference. Kristen blogs three times every week and says three is the magic frequency to attract a growing audience. There was a good deal of quibbling about this - how were we going to find something interesting enough to blog about three times a week?

She says it’s easy, and that the blogs needn’t be long but should be personal. Okay, here’s my first not-long and more personal effort.

Before the conference, I drove almost four hours north of Wellington to stay several nights with my lovely sister. Then I collected my author friend Kendra Delugar and we drove north for several more hours until we arrived in Rotorua where the conference was. The weather on the way home was gorgeous, and we passed the three famous volcanoes looking absolutely splendid and snowy and scenic. We stopped and took photos - possibly at some risk to our lives on this very busy fast-traffic road.

Friends for you to meet

I'm pleasantly exhausted after two very long drives and three wonderful days of full-on annual conference. Romance Writers of New Zealand's special guests from the USA included blogger and author Kristen Lamb, author Christie Craig (amazing!!!) and agents and editors from top overseas publishing houses.

Kris Pearson RWNZ conference 

So who's in the photo? And were we a bit tipsy?

Knowing Nalini

I’ve been writing in my head as I garden. It’s a fine cold winter’s day here, so I’m making the most of the great weather - and using it to think about other people’s successes. That’s one of the nicest things about being a writer - you don’t just enjoy your own success, but all around you friends are having their own great moments.

I’ve titled this blog Knowing Nalini because she’s someone I’ve known for many years, and it has been a total pleasure to watch her go from success to success. I’m talking about Nalini Singh of course. I ‘met’ her at my first Romance Writers of New Zealand conference. Sitting up by the stage was a large blow-up ET-type alien labelled Nalini. When I enquired why, I was told that Nalini was there in spirit, but was in fact in Japan busy writing. Okay – even then she was obviously held in high regard. I found out more.

Her first book was a Harlequin Mills & Boon Desire. I still have it right here - a sheikh fantasy. Nalini’s ‘Desert Warrior’ dates from 2003, and I was obviously enchanted by her made-up kingdom of Zulheil and handsome sheikh Tariq, because I went on to write a couple of my own in the made-up Middle Eastern kingdom of Al Sounam. (I have two more planned for that series, and whereas they’re both started, they’re a long way from finished. Sorry.)

New books from me and 'her'

Do you ever wish you could be someone else? I’ve just become someone else, and for an unusual reason.

A year or so back, a publisher in China asked if I could remove the sexy love scenes from my books. What??? No!

In fact it’s not me who puts the sex in – it’s the characters themselves. It’s perfectly possible to write for ages in the zone and get a real surprise when you read the manuscript back. This is where the bedroom photography scene in Hard to Regret came from. I didn’t set out to write it… Anna and Jason simply started to live it. I was thrilled when I discovered what they were doing.

Cover, The Boat Builder's Bed - Kris Pearson   Cover - The Boat Builder's Bargain - Kris Pearson

The nicest people

Well, I think readers are pretty great – but writers are just a tiny bit better! Maybe not for any reason you’re expecting though.

I’ve been around for a while – worked in various places – and I can say without word of a lie that writers are the most co-operative people I’ve ever found. There’s no ‘keeping secrets’ in case we’ve discovered something good just for us. We share. Maybe we share too much sometimes, but we’re all in this together! I guess we remember the thrill of finally writing THE END on a manuscript, or selling our first book, or seeing our first royalties arrive. These things are so exciting we want others to enjoy them too.

Case in point: the current Easter promotion I’m part of. This is a whole bunch of authors willing to make a book free or 99 cents. We’re being coordinated by the wonderful Tracey Alvarez, and if you click on this picture, you’ll see all the books listed so you can download what you like. Dozens of them!


The whole big group has written newsletters, blogs, facebook messages, instagrams, and tweets. We’re liking and sharing like mad to spread the joy. Working on behalf of each other – because there really is strength in numbers.