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There's two for the price of one this week. Well, sort of.

We start with the Bennett twins who spelled double trouble for Gabriella Clifton. A year of study in London with the handsome brothers ended with souvenirs she never expected.

Twenty years later, home in New Zealand, a surprise visit from Donny Bennett turns her world upside down. Can she trust his words? Can she believe her eyes? Can she guard her heart against his unrelenting charm offensive?

As the Christmas sun shines down on the big old house by the sea, Gabi must decide the shape of her future.

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I loved writing this. Apart from anything else it gave me the chance to re-visit London, and I even sneaked the location of my old flat into the story.

Memories! Did I ever meet anyone with as much charisma as the Bennett boys? Maybe yes - but I'm not saying more. I can't give all my secrets away...

* * * * 

Second piece of news: Resisting Nick is FREE for five days.

Resisting Nick, Kris Pearson

An oldie but a goodie. 

All for one, and one for all.

This is nice! Our friend Leeanna Morgan decided to cheer up all the local locked-in authors and their locked-in readers by co-ordinating a range of forty-plus books and putting them on a special page of her website. You might find authors here you’ve never heard of. Or new books from favourite authors.

Murder in the Aisle cover - Kris Pearson 

So if you’re looking for crazy Scotsmen, dragons, historical romance, women’s fiction, psychological thrillers and cozy mysteries, click on  and that will take you through to more than 40 books to have a look at. Don’t leave it too long though – the selection won’t be there forever.

Some of the authors are right here - this is me and Leeanna and Diana K Holmes and Moira Kay all waiting for a plane to a conference a while ago. We're not going anywhere now...


News on April 25 - Apple Shortcake

It's funny what attracts peoples’ attention. I made the briefest of mentions in my recent newsletter that our tree was full of apples and I was baking Apple Shortcake.  Pandemonium – lots of you wanted the recipe, so if you’d like to make it, here it is:

Apple Shortcake - Kris Pearson

Years ago, at an advertising agency where I worked, our Scottish accounts lady turned on a spectacular farewell morning tea. Her Apple Shortcake was so nice that I asked for the recipe - and this is what she gave me, scrawled out quickly in pencil. It has been tucked into my favourite recipes folder for maybe forty years.

However, I do realise it’s a little short on detail, so I’ve written you out a better version below. For guidance, the flan dish in the photo is 20cm or 8 inches wide. I’ve also made double in a much bigger one.

OK, you’ll need stewed apples or canned apple pie filling, well drained. Add sugar to taste, and a good sprinkle of powdered cloves.

Saying goodbye to the begonias

The days are drawing in. The leaves are falling off (or more likely being ripped off by the wind.) My pots of tuberous begonias – out on the sunny deck and in the conservatory – are now past their best.

Begonias - Kris Pearson

I’ve gathered up the prettiest of what’s left for this photo for you.  The colours are fantastic, and I couldn’t resist putting a few bright coleus leaves around the edges. I’m a big fan of colourful. You can tell that from my website! But over the next few days I need to cut the remaining tops off and lay all the pots on their sides to dry out. Then I’ll dig the tubers out with whatever roots remain and store them in the garden shed until the weather warms up again.

I never fail to be astonished they can go months without water and then pop out tiny juicy buds as a signal to me to plant them up again. And off they go – as this older shot shows.

Begonias - Kris Pearson

The ones I grow year after year in the conservatory are the hanging variety. I bought those tubers at the Camellia Convention in Blenheim in our South Island. That means they’re at least thirty years old, which is a pretty shattering thought. Begonias are good value for money – see what you can find next spring.

The Amazing Life of my Spanish Translator

I often get emails from readers. It’s always interesting to hear what’s going on in their lives. Several years ago I received a message saying, “I’d love to translate your books into Spanish. It’s one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, and I’m sure Spanish-speaking people would enjoy your stories.”

I’d been looking at translation costs, and to do a proper job there’s A LOT of work involved, and therefore a lot of money.

Then she wrote again, telling me she was a conference translator for the EU, travelling most weeks between her home in Barcelona and the EU headquarters in Brussels. That she’d also translated documents for the Vatican, and that she’d make me a nice price because she’d really like to get further into book translating. Here she is, speaking at a very special event at the United Arab Emirates Consulate in Barcelona. The Dalai Lama was among the guests.

Speech in Barcelona

Going backwards a few years, my books had been doing well and there was some spare cash. Off we went. I could afford four to start with, and over the time it took to translate them, she and I developed a real friendship.

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A note for Kerri Peach readers: Yes, that's me, too. Kerri's website will soon disappear and I've moved her books over to mine. You can find them by tapping on the Short and Sweet cover.

News for March 26


Well, we’re now in four weeks’ lockdown. Not a great problem for me as I can’t get far on crutches. It’s an ideal time to do some planning because we’ve got too much ‘stuff’.  The years go by and new things appear – but the old ones still lurk around. Are you the same?

Philip came home from his last day of work clutching two big bunches of gorgeous pink lilies. “Did you buy me flowers?” I asked (because he never does. He buys me trees and plants and I grow my own.) He turned about as pink as the lilies and said, “No – they’re a present from Amanda.” Amanda is the boss of the Small Acorns design store here in Wellington. Because she had to close the store, she was giving away all her newly arrived fresh flowers. We’ve installed curtains and blinds for her for several years now – gorgeous fabrics, and cost no object. Have a look at her website at and indulge yourself.

News for March 19th

This time, with the world in chaos, let’s have something pretty and magical.

Seed pods of Swanplant

This morning there were four beautiful big orange and black Monarch butterflies zooming around our garden. We have several of the plants they like to lay their eggs on. This means we get not only butterflies but the yellow and black and white striped caterpillars munching through the leaves. When they’re fat enough they hang themselves upside down and overnight transform into jewel-like pale blue and gold chrysalises. Days later – a new butterfly emerges.

The seed-pods are so pretty! In much of the world the plant is called Milkweed. Here in New Zealand – and maybe many other places too – it’s known as Swanplant. And here is exactly why.

Fantastic people!

I’m lucky to lead a healthy life. Tonsils out at five, gallstones gone at around forty, and that’s pretty much it.

Therefore going into hospital to have a total knee replacement was a big deal, but the hospital care couldn’t have been better.  I was phoned at home by the anaesthetist – a female doctor with a pleasant Kiwi accent and a very long name. She said she’d be doing a spinal block with some sedation, and that if I didn’t want to hear the operation proceeding then I should bring some noise-cancelling headphones! Whoa – that scared me silly for a while until I found out from friends that it’s reasonably common these days.

She proved to be a tiny lady and her long name came from somewhere in Asia. She was the second of the fantastic people I met. The consultant surgeon had been impressive in his dark suit and white shirt a couple of weeks earlier, but in his scrubs he looked like every other TV doctor. And when he appeared in my room in running shorts and singlet for an early Sunday morning check-up, he was an absolute hoot.

“Do you work seven days a week?” I asked.

“Pretty much,” he agreed, bounding off down the corridor for his weekend exercise after making certain I was doing okay.

News on February 25

I wasn’t a natural blogger! I long ago decided I was better spending my time writing books. I miss being able to send you news though.  Not always book news, but garden news, friends’ book news, bits and bobs that have amused me. I don’t like bombarding you with newsletters too often.

I’m having a knee joint replaced on March 5th. That’s not amusing me at all, but hopefully I’ll soon be able to do the weeding standing up, instead of crawling around on my bottom like a baby.

Kris Pearson's book covers to change

A few weeks ago I retitled the Wellington books as the South and Sexy novels. (Wellington was a very boring name!) It’s made an instant difference to sales and page downloads, so I’m going to republish seven of them with new covers any day now. Might go better… might go worse! Lots of cover reveals coming up shortly.