Birds of a feather...

We’ve had some interesting visitors to the garden recently. How about this gorgeous thing? It’s an Eastern Rosella, and really belongs somewhere further north, and warmer.  However, there he or she was - making a huge chirpy din in the tree just a few feet from Philip’s computer - and it didn’t mind at all when we poked the camera at it. We might see one of these a year if we’re lucky. Do you reckon it chose the tree to match some of its feathers?

Eastern Rosella - Kris Pearson

And then we have the oddest little female sparrow. We thought she had a bit of nesting material stuck to her beak, but no. It’s not the greatest photo because she’s a fast mover. The top half of her beak is wildly overgrown and we’ve named her Stickybeak.  She eats by twisting her head to the side and appears to be doing okay. She’s been here for dinner for several days now, and likes standing on the hose. 

Overgrown beaks turn out to be not that uncommon.  The keratin that makes up our hair and nails also makes up birds’ beaks, and sometimes it goes haywire. Thank you to my friend Margaret in England for this info. You can read more here. but as I write this they're saying their site is currently down for maintenance. Maybe they're adding our photo?

Poor little Stickybeak though! How would you like to have something like that to cope with? Does she know? Do the other birds make fun of her? (Actually she gives them a jab with her built-in weapon if they try and steal her food.)