An adventure in Italy

I love Italy. Lived there for a while when I was nineteen – attending the University for Foreigners in Perugia. Boarded with a local family and learned the lovely language. Three of us sailed there on the oldest Sitmar boat – the Castel Felice. It doesn’t look very big!!!

The stops along the way were wonderful – including Port Said during a revolution, where soldiers stood around brandishing huge guns while I bargained for a portable typewriter. Here I am looking very tanned in Egypt, and rather smart on our balcony in Perugia with my new Italian jersey, my scandalous mini-skirt and huge (for then) plastic bubble earrings.

 Castel Felice and Kris

All these years later I’d been hoping for a good Italian translator to take an interest in some of my books, and the first has now been published. This is through a deal where the author, the translator, and an admin company all share the eventual royalties. But this translator lady is a little ball of fire. She’s been prowling my website and has decided we should put out a publication between us of my free prequel novella ‘Maybe by Christmas’ with the notes on why I wrote each of the books. She’s sure Italian readers would find this taster interesting.

‘Maybe by Christmas’ is an introduction to my South & Sexy books, and the first – ‘The Boat Builder’s Bed’ – is available in Italian on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Nook, and the Tolino network. She’s quite convinced we’re going to publish the whole seven, and maybe we will. She keeps sending me links to European book blogs which she has persuaded to feature the first book. Nineteen at last count. Wow! She’s a treasure.

                          Italian Boat Builder cover - Kris Pearson

If you haven’t noticed the prequel – in English – you can read it free HERE.