Painting while I think

I pretty much gave up painting to write. Philip and I worked six full days a week for years. You only have time for a few other big passions on the extra day, and for me it was writing and gardening. My poor old paints had to take a back seat.

I enjoyed the curtain work… adored being out on the road… loved meeting all the people we were installing tracks and rods and curtains and blinds for. Had some great conversations. Saw beautiful houses, gardens, cats and dogs. Might have stolen some bits for the books, too!

But Covid and a new knee joint have altered my life and given me more time by myself. Philip came home from a job this week and found me like this.

Kris Pearson, painting in the conservatory I’m going to need some new paints, for sure. Some of them are very dry and unsqeezable. But I’m finding it a great time to think – and what I’m thinking about is the two Sheikh novels I started ages ago. They wouldn’t hang together the way I wanted them to, but maybe now they will? I’ll keep thinking as I stroke the paint onto the canvas.

The second piece of news is that I’ve now published the Scarlet Bay books on Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, Nook and Scribd as well as Amazon. I’ve had all the books exclusive to Amazon for a while so they could be read free through their Kindle Unlimited subscription service. Well, times change, and although a big proportion of my royalties come through those page-reads, maybe sales from the other e-stores will make up the difference? So far – not bad! If you haven’t been able to read the Scarlet Bay series because you’re not an Amazon customer, now’s your chance. Hope you enjoy them.