A Change of Covers

I’ve been reading about book covers; about how absolutely top authors have their covers changed annually to spark more sales. Really? And the differing fashions in covers, too. Have you noticed this? A lot of my romances have had couples in passionate clinches. Well, many others do, too! That or headless near-naked male torsos. But it seems there’s quite a change going on. Lots more scenery. Lots more flowers. Lots more of 'what might be happening here?’ 

And a single person, even though it’s a romance. Or is it? Might it be women’s fiction? Are authors snagging extra readers this way?

computer screen - cover desiging

We had a shocker of a storm this weekend. Gales and lashing rain… thunder and lightning all around the hills where we live. I couldn’t get out in the garden, but why not search the photo sites and have a play with some of the covers? That’s the ultimate fun as far as I’m concerned.

My ever-willing husband was keen to help, so you can see one of his big hands in the photo, and the current cover shot for The Boat Builder’s Bed – which I like because Rafe’s looking very possessive without actually locking lips with Sophie. Maybe we’ll soon have a new, more modern font for the title. Will the brown blanket stay or go?

The Sheikhs and the Scarlet Bay books will remain the same, but I’ve found two more great photos for sheikhs so I’d better write the novels to go with them.

The South & Sexy series is definitely getting a facelift. These are my older books, and to my alarm they tend to do better than my new ones. Oh dear. So let’s see if we can make them even more successful. Shall we have some muscles? Yes, why not. Resisting Nick will soon have muscles. Shall we have people shown singly? Hot for You, Seduction on the Cards, and Out of Bounds are heading that way.

Ravishing Rose is going fine with the party pair and bare chest, but the title is going rosier. And The Wrong Sister photo is one I wouldn’t dare mess with much – although new font, better colour.

This is a ridiculous amount of work, because if I change the single covers then the box-set covers have to fall into line as well.

Keep an eye on the front page of my website or my Amazon author page  for the updates.