Too busy for lunch

You’d think it would be easy enough to gather up six retired friends for lunch. There’s a nice café over the road from where I live, so not even any cooking required.

But they’re busy. Goodness, this has taken some doing, and I’m really quite pleased about it. These are not little old ladies who have drifted away from full-time employment to sit by the fire knitting.  They’re all past or present members of Soroptimist International of Wellington - a lovely service club I’ve belonged to for more than thirty years now. We raise money for local, national and international projects – and our next effort is on behalf of the new Wellington Children’s Hospital. It's an after-hours get-together at a huge garden centre, with product discounts and a good interesting speaker.  (Quick poster by me - there's always a job to be done.)



“But I’m on holiday down the South Island for a while,” Paulette said when lunch was mentioned.

“I’ll have to work it around my Dress for Success days,” Bernice informed me.

“Croquet on Thursday, although it’s mahjong through winter.”  That was Wendy.

“I look after my grandson after Pilates that day.”

“I’ll be working at the charity shop.”

“I’m driving up to Masterton for golf.”

They were all fit and well, but they were BUSY. Yay me though – I’m persistent, and we’re finally doing it next week.  This started as a celebration to mark Julia’s birthday some time ago, but we’re having it in time for Wendy’s instead!

I did manage to get a collection of current members together a few weeks ago for soup one evening. Bacon, curry and pumpkin soup – the best. Eleven of them crammed into my dining room and we talked the world to rights. Not a great photo, sorry. Blame me lurking in the mirror. When I showed my sister the photos, she said "I hope none of those scarves ended up in the soup!"

Soroptimists at Kris Pearson's home

In case this makes me sound like a social butterfly, nothing could be further from the truth. I stay home. I write books. I garden. That’s pretty much it, apart from still going out on the biggest curtain jobs with my husband.

Believe me I do realise how lucky I am to be able to move around freely – if I want to – and to have some contact with people. But the beggars are all so busy! It’s hard to pin them down – a sign of lives being lived well, I guess.