Ka-ching! Every novel down to $2.99 US

It’s fun running a small company. (Make that a tiny company) But as I’m the e-book production manager, the CEO, the promotions manager, the chief accountant, and heaven knows what else, I’m definitely in charge of a genuine global company and can play to my heart’s content.

A few months ago, knowing that the Kindle Unlimited subscription service was gaining in popularity, I reckoned more people would read my books through KU if they looked slightly more expensive. I put all the English novels up by a dollar.

A little time has gone by so I can see what’s happening now. Yes, more people are reading my books in KU, but fewer people are buying them. Ooops – better adjust that.

Kris Pearson - Amazon sales spread 

As you can see from Amazon’s graph, two thirds of my royalties now come from the page reads.  I’ve also added the graph they provide about where my books are selling. Hello USA! I guess this is mostly a reflection of population numbers, but I’m surprised I don’t sell more through Amazon.uk.  My Dad was English. My husband’s family are English. I think my writing voice is very English, although I’ve lived in New Zealand my whole life.

I’ve just put all my single novels down to $2.99. Can I tempt you?

Kris Pearson's Amazon page-reads

The other thing which is really surprising me is the books that are selling best and being read most. By every yardstick it should be the Scarlet Bay trio – Summer Sparks, Summer Secrets and Summer Spice.

Beach reads are hot right now. Apart from the cozies they’re my newest books, so therefore should be better written. They’re a series with interlinked characters - so you can follow someone’s life even after ‘their’ book is finished. All the experts say that’s what people are looking for.

Maybe it's a sign of the current uncertain times we're living through, but my readers want to escape reality. It's the Sheikh books! TAKEN BY THE SHEIKH, shown in blue at the base of the Amazon graph, is always my most read. DESIRED BY THE SHEIKH (orange) is almost always the second. The buffy colour at the top is assorted smaller sellers. It looks like I'd better take myself back to the desert kingdom of Al Sounam and have some more adventures there, doesn't it.  And hang on - THE WRONG SISTER is giving them a good run for their money. That's the very first book I ever published. So much for 'new is best'.

July 30 really isn't that bad - the sales day is just starting so that'll definitely rise... but once again the old Sheikh has won.