Romancing the Summer - a new box-set


Romancing the Holidays - Kris Pearson





I was lucky enough to be part of the team who wrote the Christmas-themed box-set ROMANCING THE HOLIDAYS. We released it as a short-term project early November 2019. It went off like a rocket and stayed amazingly high in the Amazon charts for many weeks.

Well, the same group of friends, minus a couple, plus a couple, has been hard at work again, inspired by the beautiful cover our designer Charmaine created for us. The set is now on pre-order at Amazon for a mid-July launch.

It’s real fun working as a group! I’m not saying it gets lonely writing on your own but there’s a special bond among us now, and we’re all happy to put in extra effort and not let the others down.

We hope you enjoy our widely differing novellas – different locations and characters of course – and we’d love to hear your comments in reviews on the Amazon page, or on Goodreads.

Kris Pearson - Matched on Maui cover shot

My novella takes place on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and I made use of a cycling trip my husband and I did down the slopes of Mt Haleakala – a huge volcano with an observatory built on its rim. Of course the characters aren’t us! My heroine Emmy is returning from England to a difficult family situation home in New Zealand. She meets Carter Cassidy, a wine-maker from California. Then he introduces her to his brother who’s studying sports medicine at Harvard. She’s spoilt for choice! (Or is she?) Which brother captures her heart? 

Ten gorgeous summer-themed romances from award-winning authors all around the world. Warm and witty, diverse and dramatic, and every one outrageously romantic. Curl up with a cool drink and your favorite treats to enjoy these ten great reads. Only 99 cents US, or free on Kindle Unlimited. 

From Annie Seaton - Love at first sight…

From Susanne Bellamy - Taking a chance on love.

From Kris Pearson - Tropical Maui weaves its romantic spell.

From Sofia Grey - The language of love couldn’t be more complicated. 

From Anne Kemp - Friends, fireworks and a surprise romance. 

From Ebony Jean - Fake fiance turns into real love.

From Shirley Wine - Romanced and scammed - who can she trust?

From Gudrun Frerichs - The war is over, but the fight is just beginning.

From Nicki Edwards - An adventure of the heart in the Canadian wilderness.

From Taylor Danae Colbert - Home is where his heart is.


Pre-order now for the mid-July launch.