News for May 23 - Serenity has a broomstick!

This week’s best news is a delightfully different series of books by my friend Serenity Woods.  I’ll bet you know her for her contemporary romances – sizzling hot stories, mostly set in the sub-tropical north of New Zealand.

Well, we authors like a change sometimes, and Serenity has embarked on a new series called The Avalon Café. This makes great use of her love of history, and because they’re so different from her other books, she’s written them as Hermione Moon.  The covers tell you why – yes, witches! And King Arthur!

  The Avalon Cafe - book 3

Because she and I swap notes quite often, and generally act as part of each other’s proof-reading team, I can guarantee you they’re a lovely read.  Here’s the teaser for the first one:

Every girl needs a knight in shining armour…

When kitchen witch Gwen Young discovers the spirit of King Arthur in the suit of armour that stands in her café only an hour after finding a dead body in the library, she knows it’s going to be a very strange day…

Yes, strange things definitely happen in The Avalon Café. Gorgeously strange things. Read on for the rest.

You can buy One Dark and Stormy Knight on HERE, or your nearest Amazon store HERE, and she has links in the back of the first book to take you to the second one.

Here’s the teaser for it:

A good knight out is always welcome…

When kitchen witch Gwen Young releases King Arthur from the suit of armour in her café, it’s just the beginning of a new adventure, as he accompanies her out on the town, discovering his new world and helping her solve another murder.

Buy on HERE, or your nearest Amazon store HERE.

I’m still waiting for book three to arrive in my inbox so it’s only on pre-order yet, but she’s enjoying writing them – and it really shows. Why not pre-order it when you check out the others?

Authors need company! Part of this job is really solitary, and you have to make your own amusement. Yes, there are conferences and writers’ groups and online forums and so on, but the most fun comes out of your own brain. A writer’s brain is a hilarious and very inventive place.

So Serenity/Hermione is playing with witches, I’m having a (rather slow but enjoyable) time with my Merry Summerfield cozy mysteries, and my friend Gudrun Frerichs, after writing several contemporary romances, has made the most of her long-time work as a psychotherapist who counselled people with multiple personalities. See if you can keep up with all the ‘people’ in her psychological thriller Girl From The Tree House. You can find it HERE. There’s a new sequel, too.

Girl from the Tree House - Gudrun Frerichs  

Just think – there might be books out there by authors you’ve read and enjoyed, and now they’re off on something else under a different name. What a naughty lot we are. It’s always worth checking our websites or our Amazon author page to see what’s new.