All for one, and one for all.

This is nice! Our friend Leeanna Morgan decided to cheer up all the local locked-in authors and their locked-in readers by co-ordinating a range of forty-plus books and putting them on a special page of her website. You might find authors here you’ve never heard of. Or new books from favourite authors.

Murder in the Aisle cover - Kris Pearson 

So if you’re looking for crazy Scotsmen, dragons, historical romance, women’s fiction, psychological thrillers and cozy mysteries, click on  and that will take you through to more than 40 books to have a look at. Don’t leave it too long though – the selection won’t be there forever.

Some of the authors are right here - this is me and Leeanna and Diana K Holmes and Moira Kay all waiting for a plane to a conference a while ago. We're not going anywhere now...