The Amazing Life of my Spanish Translator

I often get emails from readers. It’s always interesting to hear what’s going on in their lives. Several years ago I received a message saying, “I’d love to translate your books into Spanish. It’s one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, and I’m sure Spanish-speaking people would enjoy your stories.”

I’d been looking at translation costs, and to do a proper job there’s A LOT of work involved, and therefore a lot of money.

Then she wrote again, telling me she was a conference translator for the EU, travelling most weeks between her home in Barcelona and the EU headquarters in Brussels. That she’d also translated documents for the Vatican, and that she’d make me a nice price because she’d really like to get further into book translating. Here she is, speaking at a very special event at the United Arab Emirates Consulate in Barcelona. The Dalai Lama was among the guests.

Speech in Barcelona

Going backwards a few years, my books had been doing well and there was some spare cash. Off we went. I could afford four to start with, and over the time it took to translate them, she and I developed a real friendship.

The speech in the photo was to accompany the launch of the Spanish edition of Celebrating Tolerance – a book on religious tolerance in the United Arab Emirates. She had translated the original English edition into Spanish, and a volume was gifted to the Pope since his mother language is Spanish. That’s a lot more important than my romances!

Once it was obvious Covid-19 was a serious worldwide event, all the EU scheduled meetings were cancelled and the various translators returned home (with no further pay.) I worry about her, of course. Spain is a very dangerous place right now. She has two boys at university, and the universities have all naturally been closed. One of her sons has a typical student job as a supermarket cashier, so he’s their supply link.

I’d love to meet her one day. You never know!