Saying goodbye to the begonias

The days are drawing in. The leaves are falling off (or more likely being ripped off by the wind.) My pots of tuberous begonias – out on the sunny deck and in the conservatory – are now past their best.

Begonias - Kris Pearson

I’ve gathered up the prettiest of what’s left for this photo for you.  The colours are fantastic, and I couldn’t resist putting a few bright coleus leaves around the edges. I’m a big fan of colourful. You can tell that from my website! But over the next few days I need to cut the remaining tops off and lay all the pots on their sides to dry out. Then I’ll dig the tubers out with whatever roots remain and store them in the garden shed until the weather warms up again.

I never fail to be astonished they can go months without water and then pop out tiny juicy buds as a signal to me to plant them up again. And off they go – as this older shot shows.

Begonias - Kris Pearson

The ones I grow year after year in the conservatory are the hanging variety. I bought those tubers at the Camellia Convention in Blenheim in our South Island. That means they’re at least thirty years old, which is a pretty shattering thought. Begonias are good value for money – see what you can find next spring.