News on February 25

I wasn’t a natural blogger! I long ago decided I was better spending my time writing books. I miss being able to send you news though.  Not always book news, but garden news, friends’ book news, bits and bobs that have amused me. I don’t like bombarding you with newsletters too often.

I’m having a knee joint replaced on March 5th. That’s not amusing me at all, but hopefully I’ll soon be able to do the weeding standing up, instead of crawling around on my bottom like a baby.

Kris Pearson's book covers to change

A few weeks ago I retitled the Wellington books as the South and Sexy novels. (Wellington was a very boring name!) It’s made an instant difference to sales and page downloads, so I’m going to republish seven of them with new covers any day now. Might go better… might go worse! Lots of cover reveals coming up shortly.