Two fiction writers having coffee - and a boxset bargain

Every now and again I have coffee and a long chat with a friend – a man I’ve known for almost forty years. When I first met him (working with him) I was already married to Philip, but I was delighted to find Blair because we just clicked – never mind he was younger, American, and totally different from me.

Do you have people in your life who are really easy to talk with? They don’t happen along all that often – to me, anyway. Honestly, you can’t shut the pair of us up when we get together.

I didn’t see him at all for about thirty of those forty years – we were living different lives with different partners. Then, there he was on Facebook. In contact again.

I write fiction. These days he writes fiction too – mostly interactive children’s books, but a couple of thrillers as well. We’ve taken up exactly where we left off all that time ago – each trying to out-talk the other.

On this occasion it was in the café across the road from where we live. I left Philip painting the sitting room walls and ambled over with Blair. Got a surprised look from the café staff as if to ask what I was doing out with another man. I love it when that happens! There might be life in mysterious Mrs Pearson yet…

Anyway, we talked about a writing workshop I’d attended over the weekend which he hadn’t been able to go to. I met his writing partner Debs there, so now she’s more than just a name on the books. We discussed what I’d learned about Amazon keywords to make our books more discoverable. And our sales figures. And my recent Bookbub promotion. And how the Chinese translations of my Kerri Peach books were proceeding. And his progress with Photoshop. And, of course, what we intended writing next. I mentioned I was attempting a more regular blog and finding it less than easy to think of topics which would let readers into my life without sacrificing my privacy.

“Ah,” he said, leaning closer. The lady at the next table (who had plainly been eavesdropping because she was on her own and we were maybe pretty animated, and our conversation was more interesting than her thoughts) leaned a little closer too. “You write fiction,” he continued. “You could write an ongoing blog about this man…” He closed the gap some more and cupped his hand around my ear, no doubt well aware of her. “This handsome and devilish young man. And this beautiful woman of a certain age who allows him into her life sometimes. You could spin a whole long story about them, week after week.”

At that point I got the giggles, and the spell was broken. I fear the lady at the next table was disappointed.

No, dear readers, no plans to write a fictional blog yet. However, if you have children or grandchildren, I can totally recommend Blair and Debs’ books – either the paper or ebook versions. Take a look HERE and see the amazing selection. The children choose which way the stories twist and turn, and they can be different each time.

This is also to thank you for helping to spread the news about my free boxset ALL FOR LOVE, and to let you know that close to 70,000 copies were given away during the Bookbub promotion. A wonderful result! I love knowing so many more new people might discover my books through downloading it. To tie in, I’ve put my Heartlands Series boxset down to $US4.99 from September 28.  The first book – MELTING HIS HEART – was included in ALL FOR LOVE. If you’d like to own the whole three Heartlands books, then $4.99 is a bargain because the boxset is normally $6.99.  Get it now on Amazon  iBooks  Nook  Kobo  Smashwords  Google Play.


And we’ll have some garden to finish. The bluebells are out!