Pursued by bitcoins

Do you have ridiculous overlapping coincidences in your life like I do? This week I’m literally being chased by electronic currency. First, I starting re-reading Penny Reid’s novel Love Hacked. I adore all her books – can totally recommend them. This one features a clever young man called Alex who sweeps bitcoins as part of the plot. I didn’t know too much about this currency – just that it’s not very traceable, and it rises and falls in value like dollars and pounds and euros. I know all about those from selling e-books on Amazon and iBooks and the other e-stores.

Okay, so I had the word ‘bitcoin’ going around in my brain as I reported for possible jury duty on Monday. I made it through the first ballot. I made it through the second one, too. And was part of the team of twelve who eventually sat down in the jury box, wondering what would unfold. We were warned the case might take all week so it was obviously something biggish.

Yes – drug importing through the Dark Net (or Deep Net). Way out of my experience, but it was fascinating. The drug shipments were paid for with bitcoin. There’s that darn word again! Bitcoin. Bitcoin. Our team was devastated to be released early when new evidence came to light on Wednesday and the case was cancelled until a later date. It seemed that possibly falsifying the exchange rate for bitcoin in a document was a crucial part of things.


So I came home to write, and to check how my promotions were going. On one of the sites I found this: The book right under my series starter ALL FOR LOVE was called BITCOIN!!! Noooo…. I think we need that spooky Jaws theme here. DA-da… DA-da… DA-da….

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