Phone fun - NOT!

I can do a lot with a computer. I can do virtually nothing with a mobile phone. It doesn’t help that I had polio as a child and one hand is now pretty shaky. Swiping anything is an exercise in frustration. Who knows where I’ll end up?

Poor Philip has bought me three phones over the years, hoping I might get interested. I can use the ‘work’ phone when we’re out on jobs together. Answer, talk, click off. Thank you iPhone.

But his latest offering is not an iPhone. It’s quite big, so my fumbling fingers will have a chance of landing on the right letters. Not a bad idea! I have proudly managed several texts. Yay me – making progress.

And overnight, some helpful person in a country far, far away has ‘updated’ it. Some of the icons have changed. I can find no way to phone anyone. If I click the green telephone symbol, which used to work fine, I now get taken to a ‘call log’ – a list of times I’ve phoned them in the past. Blowed if I can find anything that looks like a ‘call them now’ icon. I have resorted to the landline again and torn some more hair out. Loud sigh….


P.S. several hours later. I have been given another lesson. It was far from obvious to me that clicking on the small telephone number would do the trick. Why not the big red letter in the circle? Why not the name of the person?

But it's been that sort of day, really. The trial I've been on the jury for has been abandoned. We're all hopping mad. It was really interesting and we want to know what's happened.

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