Kristen Lamb says we have to blog!!

The amazing Kristen Lamb from Texas – blogger extraordinaire - was the keynote speaker at the recent Romance Writers of New Zealand conference. Kristen blogs three times every week and says three is the magic frequency to attract a growing audience. There was a good deal of quibbling about this - how were we going to find something interesting enough to blog about three times a week?

She says it’s easy, and that the blogs needn’t be long but should be personal. Okay, here’s my first not-long and more personal effort.

Before the conference, I drove almost four hours north of Wellington to stay several nights with my lovely sister. Then I collected my author friend Kendra Delugar and we drove north for several more hours until we arrived in Rotorua where the conference was. The weather on the way home was gorgeous, and we passed the three famous volcanoes looking absolutely splendid and snowy and scenic. We stopped and took photos - possibly at some risk to our lives on this very busy fast-traffic road.

I wanted an early morning shot of them to contrast the sunset shot on the cover of my Heartlands Series Boxset. The perfect cone is Mt Ngauruhoe, and looks taller on the book cover because of the angle the photo was taken from (and from the air I think.)

                   Kris Pearson - Heartland series cover

There’s a famous walk that traverses this area – The Tongario Crossing. If you’re ever in New Zealand and get a chance to do it, you’ll be getting up close and personal with ‘my’ volcanoes. They feature in my somewhat sexy bear shifter novella ‘Sniffing Her Out’ – available as a free treat only if you sign up to my newsletter. Big eruptions and all that…


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