The nicest people

Well, I think readers are pretty great – but writers are just a tiny bit better! Maybe not for any reason you’re expecting though.

I’ve been around for a while – worked in various places – and I can say without word of a lie that writers are the most co-operative people I’ve ever found. There’s no ‘keeping secrets’ in case we’ve discovered something good just for us. We share. Maybe we share too much sometimes, but we’re all in this together! I guess we remember the thrill of finally writing THE END on a manuscript, or selling our first book, or seeing our first royalties arrive. These things are so exciting we want others to enjoy them too.

Case in point: the current Easter promotion I’m part of. This is a whole bunch of authors willing to make a book free or 99 cents. We’re being coordinated by the wonderful Tracey Alvarez, and if you click on this picture, you’ll see all the books listed so you can download what you like. Dozens of them!


The whole big group has written newsletters, blogs, facebook messages, instagrams, and tweets. We’re liking and sharing like mad to spread the joy. Working on behalf of each other – because there really is strength in numbers. 

What do we have to gain? Sales of our other books, perhaps. Maybe some new names on our newsletter lists. But the absolutely best thing is seeing a joint promotion like this fire some of those titles way up the Amazon rankings. Been there, done that, but I’m imagining how good it feels to newer writers in the group to be able to take a screenshot showing their book way up in the top 100. Best feeling in the world.

What do we have to lose? Nothing at all that I can see. OK, the money on a book or two, but as we all have totally different writing ‘voices’ we’re not stepping on each other’s toes. I couldn’t write a book like any of Tracey’s, and she’d never be able to replicate the way I write, either. A writer’s voice is as distinctive as a fingerprint. Strange but true.

Click that chocolately man now and download yourself some instant treats. See if romance really is better than chocolate. And Happy Easter everybody!