Reviewing a reviewer


Okay, I’ve been checking the rankings for Resisting Nick because the book is free for a few days from October 23rd. I really don’t go looking at reviews – I consider they’re for readers more than authors.

Sometimes I suspect they’re for readers who’d like to be authors, but who can’t write well enough to manage a whole book. But hey – small moment of fame – write a review and get your words in print! These are the ones that make me smile.

The four and five-star reviews are lovely to receive, and they tell me the reviewer enjoyed the story. Three and lower might contain some constructive criticism which would help me write better. Or maybe not. I found this three-star review today:  

Under the title ‘I liked this book. But, it needs editing’ a reviewer said ‘The author has a good storyline, but the book needed editing really bad. There was too many run sentences, and some continuous misspelled words. This is the reason for the 3 star's.’

Well, thank you for liking it. May I edit your review in return? Authors don’t get that luxury, so here we go for once:

‘Really bad’ should be really badly.

‘There was’ should be there were.

What is a run sentence?

‘Continuous’ should be continuously.

And 3 star’s needs to lose that apostrophe. So… could do better.

Something readers probably don't know is this: each time an author uploads a new ebook to Amazon, up comes a message saying ‘There are x possible errors in this book’. I once had ‘Mmmm’ queried!

However, Amazon knows the difference between American spellings and English spellings, and I suspect this reviewer didn’t; hence the comment about needing editing really bad. Sigh.

                   Amazn - Resisting Nick

On the bright side, Resisting Nick is going like a rocket, ranking in the sixties last time I checked, so if you want a book that apparently has too much sex, child molesting, a dithery heroine, a beach house in the wrong location, and all sorts of other perceived faults to go with its haul of nice reviews (78% 4 and 5-stars) then grab it free this week! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh…