Writers' Fuel

Once a month my local writers’ group meets up – to share tea/coffee and whatever we’ve bought to eat. And we talk. And talk. Oh my goodness, how we talk.

Today we met at Ellie’s place. With chocolate, apple pie, doughnuts, date shortcake, eclairs – nothing that was good for us. And because I’ve made pikelets before, and they seem to be enjoyed, I made some more today.

      Kris Pearson - plate of pikelets

Pikelets? We wondered where the name came from because it seems to be peculiar to Australia and New Zealand. A little research indicates it might have originated in Wales – bara pyglyd. I guess py-glyd sounds enough like pikelet to be possible.

We asked Bonnie what they’d be called in Boston, and she said Silver Dollar Pancakes. I like that! Topped with raspberry or strawberry jam they contain no calories at all. If you add whipped cream, even less. We write fiction here…

So this is my very quick and easy pikelet recipe:

Heat a good solid frypan until quite hot.

In a bowl mix together one cup of self-raising flour,

one quarter teaspoon of baking soda,

three tablespoons of sugar.  

In a measuring cup combine half a cup of milk (for starters),

one egg, and one teaspoon of malt vinegar.

Tip the wet ingredients into the dry and stir.

Add a dessertspoon of butter to the hot pan, swirl it about and tip it into the rest of the mixture. You may need to add more milk to achieve the right consistency.

Drop a tablespoon of the mixture into the hot pan and wait until bubbles rise. If this takes too long, you need the pan hotter.

Once your pan is the right heat, you can do three or four at a time. The bubbles should rise quite quickly, then you flip your pikelets to brown the other side. Fast, foolproof and delicious.

The old plate was my mother’s, and it must be at least seventy years old. Only one chip - I should have taken the photo at the other end!