Cover Reveal

What a way to use up precious time when I should be writing! I’m going well on my current book, and it finally has a name – HARD TO REGRET. (What did they regret???)

This is the first of a series set in a beachside place I’ve named Scarlet Bay after the pohutukawa trees that flower at Christmas time. I sent my cover designer a reference to this photo, which was perfect.

To my extreme disappointment she said she’d just used it for someone else. Humph! And it’s maybe even someone I know. She went looking and came up with this alternative, which she felt combined much better with the people I’d chosen. Unbelieveably she'd chosen my old childhood beach of Westshore in Hawkes Bay. She lives in Florida USA. What are the chances of that?


I had to agree the combination looked great. I like that girl – she looks as though she has some angst in her past, but maybe she could become the heroine in Book 2, complete with the lovely sunset scene? I really wanted to show a BEACH to set the tone for the series.

Okay, the search was on for an alternative nice piece of New Zealand scenery where this story might have taken place. After using up a lot more data I found the perfect place. No scarlet flowers on the trees, but very much prettier.

Then we needed the people. I'd filled in my details sheet saying he was tall with dark hair, and she had long blonde hair. The designer sent me the perfect girl, but the man had a bushy beard and my man was clean-shaven. His electric shaver even featured in the book! While I considered changing the story to include a beard, she went looking for different people. She sent me this couple. The girl was lovely. But the man looked… odd. I found a much more attractive shot of the same people, even though they weren't looking at each other with any affection. Definitely better, but was it good enough?


Sometimes things just niggle at me. The alternative picture would have done, but they weren't quite my people. It took me hours longer to find them, and then I had the overnight wait to hear whether she’d used them recently too.

Victory at last. I have my beach and my people. What do you think of the mock-up? Now I just have to finish the book while she creates the final version with the proper photos.