The final episode of 'Sniffing Her Out'

R16 content, so read at your discretion.

Several slow paces further and he broke the kiss, pulling back to stare deep into her eyes again. “What a woman,” he murmured. “What a bear you’d make.”

“Noooo…” she protested. “Not yet.”

“Of course not yet,” he assured her, gaze steady on hers. “There’s a lot I need to teach you first, and there’s no guarantee you’ll agree. It doesn’t happen unless you agree.”

He set her on her feet and Atarangi locked her knees into place because she was trembling with excitement. She clung to his shoulders, smiling up at him, turned on beyond belief, but still not entirely certain what to expect from a man who was half bear. Would he be rough?

His kisses were ultra-potent, but she liked them. Loved them! The feeling of being helpless was so new. Men tended to be cautious around her ample, curvy body—treating her like a cuddly toy instead of a hot-blooded woman.  Adam was all hot blood to match hers, and as she leaned against him she knew exactly where a lot of that hot blood had located itself.

It had been dark the night before when he’d shifted from being a bear. She hadn’t managed a detailed inspection, no matter how she’d tried to focus in the gloom. He’d surely had trouble tucking himself away into those jeans though. His man looked even bigger than his bear!

She pressed her thighs together, squeezing out another tortured groan from him, and receiving another ravenous kiss in return. His hands came to the front of her dress and he pushed more buttons through their holes until it slipped off her shoulders and down to her waist.

His eyes devoured her. Then he sank onto his big bed with a growl, sitting so he could drag her to stand between his legs, widening his thighs so her knees pressed into his groin.

Atarangi rocked gently to and fro, increasing and reducing the pressure in a rhythmic massage, seeing his eyes squeeze closed for a few seconds and then shoot wide open again.

His hands rose up to cradle her breasts, tucking the red lace edge of her bra down and pushing the two big mounds together so both her nipples pointed straight at his face. His gaze slid from left to right and back again. He licked his lips. “Mama Bear, you’re glorious,” he whispered, “Which side wants me most?”  He flicked a quick glance up and sent her a lascivious grin, then rubbed his thumbs to and fro across the peaks so acute waves of pleasure raced down to a place deep in her belly. Right where he’d set all her muscles twitching as they both came apart in a screaming heap.

Her breath hitched. “Both of them,” she gasped. “They both want you so much.” She struggled to get free of her dress, pulling her arms out of the fabric and clutching his shoulders again. It slid down past her slippery panties and hit the floor.

He drew his lips back in a ferocious snarl, baring his teeth as though ready to devour her. She sensed the animal in him then, and it thrilled her. To see him almost losing his civilised veneer, and to have his longing so intensely demonstrated, made her cast off the last of her inhibitions. She clutched his head and tugged it to her breast, pleading with him to suck, and shuddering with relief when he did.


Adam wrapped his lips and tongue around her long chocolate nipple. Big breasts, big nipples, big waves of triumph that she wanted him with such abandon. She was total paradise to his raging bear soul. He sucked and nipped, tugged and licked, swirling his tongue around the firm peak before opening his mouth wide and sucking her in again.

She tasted so ripe and raw that he groaned and scrunched his eyes closed to concentrate on her flavours and textures. His tongue lapped up and over and around. The fingers of one hand caressed smooth caramel skin and found the other turgid peak, beaded tight, begging to be pinched a little, tweaked and pulled, made super-sensitive.

His other grasped her hip, digging into warm flesh, wanting her even closer, needing more friction from her knees. Had he ever been so hard?

Then he remembered her injured feet. Some gentleman he was, keeping her standing like this…

He drew back and folded the lace of her pretty bra up so it just covered her nipples again, shaking his head at her amazing dimensions. “You’ve dressed your girls up for me,” he said, voice so husky that he had to clear his throat. “So pretty—and panties to match.” He fingered the slippery fabric that skimmed the crack of her ample bottom, imagining future pleasures. “But let’s take them off so you can lie down.” When she didn’t object, he slid his thumbs inside the elastic and pushed the panties past sensational thighs, dimpled knees, and  firm calves until they ringed her surprisingly slender ankles. To his great pleasure Atarangi kicked them sideways, then reached for the hooks on her bra and stripped that off too.

“Now you stand and I sit,” his naked goddess insisted, reaching for his hands and hauling him up before he’d had time to bury his nose in her dark curls.

Adam grimaced as his pants almost cut him in half.

“Too tight for you, honey-bear?” she murmured, releasing the catch on his trouser band. Then she addressed herself to the tricky problem of sliding his zipper open without damaging him. Slowly, slowly, tucking a finger between him and those scratchy teeth, she eased it aside. “Commando,” she whispered as he sprang free.

“One less garment to worry about when I shift,” he said in a strangled voice, looking at Atarangi’s hands which were now wrapped around him. She seemed intent on a full investigation, sliding and squeezing, and then humming as a pearl of silvery moisture oozed from his slit.

“Awesome,” she exclaimed. “Are you enjoying this extra-much? Or do bears do it fast?” She looked up, eyebrows raised, expecting his answer.

“Bears do it faster than men,” Adam rasped, drowning in lust and trying to decide if that was real innocence he saw in her eyes or total tease. He began ripping at the buttons of his shirt. “I’m not a bear right now. I’ll last as long as you need me to.”

“Hmmm.” She dabbed at the moisture with a fingertip and spread it to and fro. “Slippery,” she whispered.

His pants lost their fight with gravity, slid off his hips, and dropped to his ankles.

Atarangi giggled.

Adam bent and lifted her, swinging her around sideways to lie comfortably. Her long hair trailed across his white pillows in lush waves. At last the woman he’d dreamed about—until now only a shape in the mist, a shadow against sunlight—was in his bed.

Flesh and blood. Dusky skin.  Big dark eyes. Soft full lips.

“You’re pretty keen,” she whispered, gazing up at him.

Adam’s blood raced and boiled. “My bear is always keen, but he hasn’t had much luck for quite a while now.”

Atarangi regarded him with sparkling eyes. “But your man has luck? I can’t imagine any woman resisting a body like this?”

He bent and took her mouth in a savagely possessive kiss. “Yes, my man has luck,” he agreed, drawing a deep breath when he finally pulled back. “But not enough luck that any other woman has met his bear. And his bear aches for a mate.”

This is what he’d hoped for so intensely. A woman to be his. A woman who knew about his bear and wasn’t frightened by him.

He’d be chasing her hard—making sure no other male got anywhere close. Fighting tooth and claw for her if he had to.

She lived an hour’s drive away, and his Jeep would eat up the miles between them every single night if she’d agree. He’d protect her and court her until she was ready to commit to him. Ready to agree to shift into the beautiful black bear he vividly imagined. The bear who’d be the mother of his cubs. The woman who’d be the love of his life.


“Poor lonely bear,” Atarangi murmured, reaching up to caress his face as he slid inside her yet again. “You said no-one had met him, but you let me see him. I thought he was wonderful once I got used to him.”

The soft lamplight played over his huge chest and shoulders as he loomed above her. How had she got so lucky? The most magnificent man she’d ever met found her beautiful and desirable in return.

He’d saved her when she’d been attacked (and she’d heard the radio reports at Grandpa’s about an escaped prisoner being discovered ‘mauled by a wild pig’). He’d trusted her with his enormous secret so he could carry her swiftly through the private track to his compound and get her poor scraped feet patched up. He’d bought her the best meal ever, and not turned his nose up when she ate every morsel. Even fed her the choicest treats from his own plate.

He’d already taken her to paradise twice.

And it seemed more would follow.

His chest rose under her hands as he drew a deep breath. “You’re incredible,” he said. “We’re incredible.”

“Yes,” she agreed, as he started to move, rising up and down. She clenched her internal muscles on every up-stroke so she pulled at his whole length as they moved together.

Adam rolled his eyes. “You okay?” he asked. “I didn’t want to get too fierce yet, but... last time… sorry, got carried away.”

She smiled up at him. “I think we bring out the fierce in each other. I think there’s no way we could be anything but totally passionate together.” She gave an extra-tight clench and grinned as he parted his lips on a sharp exhale. “I think I’m going to make you lose it in less than two minutes this time.”

He grasped her hair and kissed her again. “And I think,” he said after their tongues and lips had finally parted, “that I’ve now got you in the right position to return some of that friction.”

He swiveled his hips and Atarangi gasped.

“So…” he murmured, “Who’s going to hold out the longest? I warn you, you’re going to come before I do, so you may as well give in right now.”

She squeezed him again and he gave a long, soft growl.

“We should save some of your ‘repertoire’ for other evenings” she whispered. “I’m here for three more days.”

Adam twisted his head to glance at the bedside clock. “Well, I do have to get Cinderella home to Grandpa and the ugly sisters by midnight.”

Atarangi faked outrage and tried to wrestle him off. “They’re not ugly,” she objected, giving in to his superior strength and nipping his shoulder instead.

Adam grinned. “Not enough meat on their bones for me. You’re more my size.”

She bugged her eyes at him. “And is that supposed to make me feel good?”

“Makes me feel good.” He pushed in and out several more times. “Makes me feel very good.”

“Hmmm.” She tried not to let him see how much that pleased her. “We could do it doggie style next time?”

Adam drew a sharp breath. “No way. That’s bear style.” He ground his hips against hers, buried deep as he could go. “And I’m hoping you’re going to like ‘bear style’. We’ll do a lot of that. Once you get to know me well enough to trust me. Well enough to know I’d never hurt you.”

She gazed up at him and ran a finger down the side of his face. “I already know that. “You might have been fierce before, but you were careful, too.”

Adam raised his chin, and she thought how proud and determined he looked.

“More careful than you,” he said. “You need looking after if you’re willing to go to bed with strange men and come screaming like there’s no tomorrow.” He closed his eyes and sank deep into her again and again, kissing her until she was breathless and she beat him home with seconds to spare.

“Not strange men,” she muttered drowsily. “You mean strange bears.”

“Nothing strange about this bear,” Adam said, still panting.

“No,” she agreed, running her fingers through his hair. “Nothing strange at all. He’s a lovely bear, and I’d like to meet him again quite soon, please.”


                                                THE END