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He collected her the following evening in his big black Jeep, braving the inspections of two bony sisters and the stern glare and nose-pressing hongi greeting from her white-haired grandfather.

“Keep my mokopuna safe,” the old man instructed.

“Koro! He’s already rescued me once,” Atarangi exclaimed. “There’s not a dangerous bone in his body.” She sent Adam a wink.

“Home by midnight. I’ll leave the door unlocked,” the old boy replied.

Atarangi bristled. “I’m twenty-one. Not a teenager.”

“And I’m not a fool, Atarangi. I see the way this man looks at you.”

“She’s beautiful,” Adam inserted. “A treasure to be guarded. I’ll take care of her, never fear.” And he would, because she set all his senses alight in her high-necked black dress and strappy red sandals.

She’s hiding her body, but I know what’s under that modest disguise.

“I’ll be safer with him than anyone else,” Atarangi muttered.

“I’m pleased to hear it,” the old man said, nodding sagely. “Enjoy your dinner.”

Adam drew the door closed behind them and placed his hand on the small of her back as they walked toward the Jeep. The heat of her flesh burned through what felt like one thin layer of fabric, and he wanted that fabric gone in hurry.

But softly, softly, or she’d freeze after her horrendous experience the night before.

“You look amazing.” He smiled down at her. Even in those high strappy sandals she was inches shorter than him. And didn’t they do great things for her legs! Her ankles were slim above generously curving calves. The dress stopped at her knees, but Adam already knew her thighs were warm and rounded and sexy—well able to support the weight of his own strong body if he was lucky enough to mate with her.

He let his hand drift lower, and detected the upper edge of her bikini panties.

Atarangi drew a sharp breath. “Don’t let them see,” she said, glancing back at her grandfather’s house.

“Why? You’re not a teenager, as you said.”

“But he’s protective.”

Adam snorted. “I’m protective. Do you live with him?”

She looked up at him again, and her dark gaze snared his. “No, in Rotorua. But our Nanna had to go to hospital, so the girls and I thought we’d come and keep him company for a few days. Do some cooking. Except those two think salad is dinner, and I think a roast of pork and hot vegetables and apple pie is dinner.”

“Sounds like dinner to me too, “Adam agreed.

“And cream,” she added wistfully.  “Or ice-cream.”

“Chocolate sauce?”

“Not with apple pie.” She gave a sudden chuckle. “But if it was cherry pie then it would be like a Black Forest combo.”

“And if it was pancakes it could have maple syrup,” Adam said, thinking nostalgically of Canada.

She let loose a hungry groan. “And gingerbread pudding would need custard.”

“Like Christmas pudding needs brandy sauce…”

“No wonder you grew big,” she said, sending him a broad smile as he opened the door of the Jeep for her. “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere that serves proper food. Great big plates full of succulent steak and crispy potatoes.”

He closed the door, pleased to see she was nodding enthusiastic agreement. What a woman!

“Oooh, it’s good to sit down,” she said as he slid into the driver’s seat beside her. “These sandals are killing my toes, but I wanted to look nice for you.”

“You look more than nice. You look hot and sexy and delicious. Apart from your scraped feet, how are you?”

“I’m fine. No worries.” She batted her eyelashes. Long, dark lashes, liberally enhanced with mascara.

Adam steeled his considerable muscle mass so he didn’t pounce on her before they were out of sight of the grandfather’s house. She was definitely flirting! Looked like he wouldn’t have too long to wait before knowing her a lot better.

She sent him another big smile. “You really think I look hot and sexy and delicious?”

He inhaled a long, deep breath, bear-senses tuned to the max, and nodded. “Your scent is amazing.”

Her lips parted and she looked suddenly woeful. “I forgot to put any on for you! I have some lovely perfume the girls gave me for my birthday.”

He shook his head. “Your scent. Your skin. Your hair. All the secret parts of you that drive me wild.”

“My….?” She looked down at her lap and then back up to him again. Her eyes practically bulged with shock.

He chuckled and ran a finger down her nearest arm. “Absolutely. You don’t know how finely tuned my sense of smell is. The backs of your knees are pretty good, too.” He started the Jeep.

Atarangi reached for her seat-belt. “You can’t smell the backs of my knees!”

“I can smell every inch of you. How do you think I found you when I was out kayaking last night? I smelled you long before I heard you.” He released the brake and moved off into the sparse traffic.

“You sniffed me out?”

“I did.” He tried not to look smug.


Deep inside, his bear growled. She didn’t know what she was missing—and he hoped she wouldn’t be missing it for long. He couldn’t wait to make love to her—and hopefully let him bite her so she could also transform and join him in beardom when they felt like some real rough and tumble. From the colour of her long lustrous hair she’d be jet black and so gorgeous he’d gone ultra-hard again just thinking about her.

“Hungry?” he croaked.

Her gaze found his. She raised an eyebrow. “Quite.”

Adam reviewed the traffic with the half of his brain that was still functioning, decided they were in no danger, and grabbed her nearest hand. Her obvious flirting had him pressing it over his groin and holding it there. “See what you do to me?” he demanded. “Feel how much I want you?”

Atarangi gave a contented sigh and curled her fingers around him. “You’ve no idea how much I wanted to touch you last night while you were trying to get those jeans done up. You’re built to match all over, aren’t you? Lucky me!” She squeezed and rubbed until Adam nearly drove through a red light, braking far too late, and barely missing a turning truck.

“Fuuuuuck…” he groaned, lowering his forehead to the steering wheel and bumping it there several times in frustration.

“Don't start your face bleeding again,” she pleaded. “Dex did a good job of patching you up but you need to look after it.”

“I need to look after you,” he said. “I just about got us killed then.”

“No—you stopped in miles of time,” she assured him, raising her other hand to his hair and stroking it.

Adam’s bear growled, imagining her fingers running through his thick pelt, teasing and pleasuring him all over. Why was sex always better as a bear? He couldn't wait to make love to her as a man, but the urge to transform her and let his bear loose for some mutual rough and tumble now had him almost insane.

“I like your growly-bear noises,” she said, scraping her fingernails up and down his neck several times.

Adam rumbled again, more purposefully this time, raised his head, and looked deep into her lustrous eyes. There was no going back. It was time to let her know what he needed and hoped for so fiercely. “Better go and find those steaks,” he said. “I'm going to be growling a lot if we end up doing what I want to later.”

Atarangi smoothed his hair back into place with a smirk. “We’ll see about that. And we’ve only got until midnight.”

“Midnight’s enough,” he said. “Although it would be nice to have more time to show you my repertoire.”

“Repertoire!” she exclaimed. “You’d be hopeful.” And now she was really laughing. Her Marilyn Monroe breasts jiggled under the thin black fabric of the dress.

Adam managed to keep his hands off—just—but his eyes roamed over them ravenously. He cleared his throat. “There’s more than one way to enjoy you, and I'll be going for it any way I can.”

She reached sideways and pressed a kiss on his cheek. “You’re a shocking tease, Mr Bear. You’re starting to make me feel all wet and willing. Mind you, I felt a bit like that the moment I first saw you.”

His heart gave a huge double thud. “When you saw my bear?”

She shook her head, and her cloud of hair swished to and fro. “No—you’d shifted back into your human body after you rescued me, and I came out of that faint and thought, ‘Wow. Just wow.’ There was something about you that totally attracted me, even though I’d just tried to fight that awful man off. You wiped him out of my brain.”

Adam cracked a huge grin. It was all he could do not to leap out of the vehicle, let his bear take over, and gambol around the intersection with happiness written all over his furry face.                                                                            *

“Good dinner,” Atarangi said, licking her lips.

Adam and his bear watched with approval. She didn’t do anything by half measures, and her enjoyment was so obvious it pleased him enormously.

During the course of their meal she’d undone several of the tiny buttons that held her bodice closed. The high-necked dress had become a lower necked dress, with tantalising glimpses of the valley between her big firm breasts. Adam’s fingers had been twitching with anticipation.

“Ready to go?” He stood and offered his hand.

She wobbled a little in her high sandals, although whether from the glasses of dark ruby Shiraz they’d enjoyed with their steaks, or from her sore toes, he couldn’t be sure. A good excuse to slide his arm right around her, anyway, and enjoy the feel of her tempting body. He was able to reach far enough to lay his palm against the side of her breast and curl his fingers to sneakily caress the intoxicating curve as he ushered her out through the door and into the night.

“Naughty bear,” she said, making no move to stop him.