More of Kiwi Bear

Okay, here we go for the next installment of this fun story. If you missed the start, it's right below. Just scroll down.

Adam picked her up before she could object further. One of his arms wrapped around her hourglass waist, the other slid under fleshy thighs. She squeaked as he lifted her, and then flung an arm around his neck to steady herself. Adam cuddled her close, smiling to himself, and loving that she was a beautiful curvy woman who seemed to have no idea of her attractions. Her amazing breasts were now only inches from his lips. Her long hair trailed over his naked shoulder and back, tickling and tempting. He turned his head, buried his nose in it, and inhaled deeply.

“How did he manage to get you here?” he asked as he carried her out into the darkening trees.

She huffed her annoyance. “He didn’t. He was already lurking around and just grabbed me.”

“And why are you here? On your own? In the half dark?”

She struggled to get down, but Adam held tight. The scent rising from her skin had given him almost superhuman strength, and again he felt the bear stirring inside him.

Her heavenly breasts rose as she took a deep breath. “I came for a private swim. I’ve got skinny sisters, okay? I don’t like comparing myself with them. I sometimes row along to here because it’s private and safe.”

“Not so safe tonight,” he muttered. “And he jumped you? He had that chain with him?”

She gave a sudden giggle. “No—that’s for my grandfather’s dog. It was already in the shelter. When Koro comes here to fish, he brings Kuri with him, but he doesn’t want him splashing around and scaring the trout away, so he ties him up until he’s done.”

She sent him a sudden glorious smile. “Thank you. I’m just getting things straight in my head. That was scary. That was terrible.”

He felt a shudder run right through her.

“I could probably have fought him off,” she continued, “but he was pretty big.” Her hand rose to his face and her smile died. “He made you bleed.”

She stroked his cheek, and her gaze meshed with his. His heartbeat thudded in his throat. Had she any idea how turned on he was? How much he wanted her? She, more than any woman he’d ever met? Her scent was right, her size was right for his bear, and she was so beautiful.

“I’m going to put you down for a minute,” he said, his voice husky.

“I said I was too heavy.” She ripped her gaze away from his, and he easily discerned the disappointment in those few words.

“No,” he assured her, keeping her close against him as he allowed her feet to make contact with the ground. He didn’t give a damn if she felt how aroused he was. “I just need a moment after that fight. You’re right—he was big.”

“He hurt you?” Her eyes flashed up to his again and, tempted beyond reason, he laid his lips on hers to reassure her, to claim her, to establish contact… he had no idea why, but she’d taken him over and he needed to let her know that.

And to his absolute joy she shyly returned his kiss, pressing close against him and cradling his hard cock between her firm thighs. They stood there embracing for several ecstatic minutes until he felt her moving from foot to injured foot.

“Yes, I need to carry you,” he murmured. “Do you trust me? Can you see I mean you no harm?” He dropped another kiss on her upturned lips.

“I trust you more than him anyway,” she said, the dusk just light enough to show the puzzled furrow between her brows.

Adam squared his shoulders. “You said… back there… you thought you saw a bear.”

She shuddered in his arms. “It was so frightening, but I must have imagined it…” Her voice trailed off.

“Perhaps not,” he said. “Maybe that was me in my other form. Perhaps I shifted so I could help you.”

The whites of her eyes became almost luminous as she opened them wide. “Shifted where? What are you saying?”

There was nothing for it but to tell her now. He needed the bear’s strength to carry her back to his lodge so he could deliver her safely home. And he needed her to know about the animal that lived inside him or she could never be his mate.

“Some of us lead double lives,” he said, stroking her smooth arms and holding her close. “Some of us can shift into the bodies of animals and gain superhuman strength.”

“You’re kidding me!” she exclaimed.

He grinned at her unexpected reaction. Well, she didn’t look too scared…

“I absolutely don’t believe that,” she added, rubbing her hips against his. “This feels like a genuine man to me.”

Could he get any harder? “A man who wants you,” he agreed hoarsely.

“But not a bear.” She leaned closer and sniffed his neck. “You don’t smell like a stinky old bear. And anyway, we don’t have bears in New Zealand.”

He shook his head, drowning in lust. “I was born in Canada, and there are bear-traps there. None here, so this is the ideal place for shifters to live. There are many remote areas with almost zero population. We can lead our lives in peace, out of sight, not scaring or offending anyone.”

“Don’t believe you,” she said with a delicious giggle. “Show me.”

Adam swallowed. “My bear is twice as strong as my human. I’m only doing this so I can carry you more easily.”

Already the tugs and twitches rampaged through his body and there was no reversing the process now it had gone so far. He turned his back on her, unzipped the jeans he’d stripped off her captor, and slid them down his thighs.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed.

He stepped out of them and tossed them over his shoulder to her. “Hang on to these for me. I’ve already shredded my wetsuit shifting so fast in the shelter. I pinched his pants.”

“What?” There was a baffled silence, then a murmur of admiration. “Holy moly, I bet you work out a lot.” A warm hand touched his back and slid down toward his butt. “Oh!” she gasped as his muscles began to bulge.

“Yeah—‘oh’,” he mimicked as the bear burst free, making him taller, bulkier, and very furry. He was grateful it had grown darker, and that leaves dimmed the light of the rising moon.

“Oh. My. God.”

He heard terror and awe in her tone, and hoped she wouldn’t pass out again. “Our secret,” he insisted as he reared upright, reached out with his huge forelegs, and swung her up against his chest.

“No way did you just do that!” she exclaimed, trembling and trying to fight her way free. But finding resistance was futile, she eventually nestled into his thick pelt as he continued to carry her through the trees. “This is ridiculous. I don’t believe this is happening.”

Adam’s bear gave a happy sigh.

“Can I still talk to you?” she asked after a fulminating silence. “I mean—do you understand me when you’re like this? Can you answer me back?”

The bear swiped a warm tongue over her brow, enjoying his taste of her skin. “Of course,” he rasped.

“But you sound different.”

“Are you surprised?” He did his best to send her a grin that didn’t look like he was ready to devour her.

“But… why are you like this? How do you do it?”

He cuddled her closer and strode onward. “I just concentrate and it happens. Sometimes I have to concentrate very hard to stop it happening.”

She shot him a reproachful glare. “And how long have you been like this?”

“Since I was a cub. My parents kept the possibility from me until I was old enough to understand.”

She drew a sharp breath. “So were you born human or… a cub?”

“Why would that matter?” Adam asked.

“Well, if you and I…?”

Scalding hot lust flowed through him again. She was considering him as a mate. He rumbled with contentment. “I can’t take you as a bear. I need to take you as a man. And you’ve felt how much I want to.”

She hid her face in the luxuriant fur of his chest and said in a low voice, “I wasn’t offering. I just wondered. This is so strange.”

He chuckled. “Keep wondering then. Imagine how wild we’d be together. Think how it would be to know your lover could turn you into a bear too—if he bit you in the throes of passion.”

“Noooooo…” she breathed. “Better not have any passion then.”

Did he detect a note of regret? “Not tonight anyway,” he agreed. “I’ll get you back to the lodge. Dex can patch up your feet, and then I’ll take you home.”

“Hmmmm.” She didn’t sound pleased. “Who’s Dex?”

“My brother. He’s a paramedic. A group of us set up a company a few years ago. All shifters who don’t want any trouble. As far as anyone else knows we’re highly trained specialists with tough bodies who deal in risk analysis and protection.”

She sniffed. “A security company?”

“If you like.  We live in lodges in a private compound well away from our commercial premises. We mind our own business and don’t let the rest of the world get too close.”

“I could have rowed home,” she said.

“And missed this?” His huge forearms gave her a squeeze and he buried his nose against her fragrant shoulder.

“I’m probably dreaming, and it isn’t really happening.”

He licked her soft neck and added the tiniest nip. “Yes it is. You’ll find that little bite tomorrow as proof.”

“You didn’t just turn me into a bear too, did you?” she asked in a horrified whisper. “Not that I believe you’re a bear or that could you make me into one as well…” She reached up and stroked his muzzle, then dissolved into giggles again.

Adam groaned as the urge to mate flooded his body. To distract himself he followed the track out to a patch of open ground, standing for a few moments to enjoy the view of the lake and the twinkling lights of Taupo township. Big Mount Tauhara loomed darkly against the sky now the moon had risen higher.

“Shall I tell you the Māori legend of the mountains?” Atarangi asked. “The love story?”

He nodded. Anything was fine with him as long as she wasn’t fighting him off.

“Well,” she began. “Taranaki lived peacefully for many centuries with the other mountains. And all the mountain gods were in love with beautiful Pihanga.”

She squirmed in Adam’s arms enough to raise her face and inhale the scent of his fur. “You don’t smell like a stinky old bear at all—even when you are a bear,” she said. “I don’t think you’re a bear.”

He closed his eyes and smiled, intense pleasure flowing to every part of his body. Then he began his walk again.

“Naughty Taranaki dared to make advances to beautiful Pihanga, and Tongariro objected,” Atarangi continued. “All the mountains—Ngaruhoe, Ruapehu, Pūtauaki and Tauhara—started a huge fight, puffing out smoke and shooting flames in the air. The battle went on and on until Tongariro won her, which is why she sits next to him today. The other mountains, who had all turned into volcanoes, decided they’d better leave. Poor Taranaki was so wild with grief that he wrenched himself out of the ground and fled all the way out to the coast. Pūtauaki moved really fast and is now up by Whakatane. But Tauhara was sad, with a heavy heart, and he only travelled to where he stands today. He looks across the lake to his lost love and mourns.”

“Do you believe that?” Adam asked in his raspy bear-voice.

Atarangi shrugged. “It’s the way the story’s been handed down.”

“So mountains can tear up their roots and move across the land?” he teased. “Then surely a bear can become a man? And a man a bear? It’s small stuff compared to your mountains.” He waited for her reaction.

“Maybe,” she murmured.

“You saw it happen. You know it can. And soon you’ll see me shift again. Back into the man who wants to know you better.” He strode on until he reached the dense planting of native vegetation that surrounded their compound and hid it from prying eyes. Then he set her down with care and planted his big front paws on the earth. “Maybe you should turn away until I’m back in my other skin, because I won’t be decent until I have those jeans on again.”

She shook her head. “And miss how you do it? No way!”

Adam closed his eyes. Then he began the process of shifting back to his human self. Hiding his aroused state was impossible.

He reached for the jeans and dragged them up his legs as she stood there, goggling and shaking her head.

“This is possibly not the best time to ask,” he said, attempting to cram himself away. “But can I take you out for dinner one evening soon?”

She dragged her gaze back up to his face. “You or the bear?”  

Adam cleared his throat. “No choice about that. We come as a package.”

She responded with a grin. “Some package. Yes please.”