About Kris

I grew up surrounded by farms and orchards in Hastings, New Zealand, and I've been a writer all my life. My first job was in radio, as a copywriter. Then I traveled to Italy with two friends and attended the University for Foreigners in Perugia.

True love story

I met my husband when we were both working in Television. Being the newest in the department I was assigned to one of the two desks down the back behind the filing cabinets. At the other sat an intriguing TV news director. Romance blossomed behind our barricade. One day we took our lunches to the botanic gardens, fell asleep in the sun, and slunk back to work hours late with horribly sunburned faces. As easily as that, the cat was out of the bag. No wonder I'm a romance writer...

In the years since then I've worked for several advertising agencies, then became a retail advertising manager.

Then, for twenty years, in a total change of scene, we ran our own decor company. It's amazing what you hear up a ladder while you're hanging curtains, and it was intensely interesting visiting beautiful properties and talking with an enormous variety of people. Story ideas sparked all around me.


Always have a wonderful time at the annual Romance Writers of New Zealand conference. Here I am at the airport with Diana Fraser, Ash Logan and Leeanna Morgan. And getting a hug from Bella Andre! Awful photo, but they worked us hard...


 Wellington Harbour

My beautiful Wellington

Here's a photo Philip took from a hill near home. Rafe's cliff house in The Boat Builder's Bed is on one of the furthest hills, with a view to the open sea.
Christian's home in The Wrong Sister is on the far left with city views like the shot below.
Sophie's decor studio is on the street to the right of the Stadium (fondly called The Cake Tin!)
Nick's gym and Sammie's apartment in Resisting Nick are in the central city.
Jetta and Anton in Out of Bounds live out past the high-rise area.

 Wellington Harbour, dusk
And here's the other side. This is Christian's view, and very close to what Melanie in 'Hot for You' would see, too. Kerri's apartment in Seduction on the Cards is behind the high-rises of the central city. (The Wellington CBD is surrounded by a generous area called the green belt, and the suburbs spread out behind this.) I used to live right next to the red monastry in the foreground.